UWR 022 Cleaning up your thoughts around money

Today I want to speak to you about cleaning up your money mindset to make way 40 cleaner, neater one that serves you and your business. The first step has to be to completely clear out and clean the old thoughts in your mind around money. If we were doing a spring cleaning on our wardrobe, the best way would be to get everything out, clean out the cupboard with nothing left in there. That way we can give it a really great clean and then we go through and decide what we let back in to our newly beautifully cleaned out wardrobe. 

And it’s the same with your money mindset and your approach to money. We need to get everything out, give it a good old clean out and only then let the thoughts back into the wardrobe, AKA our minds that will serve us going forward. 

So how do we decide what to keep and what to throw away? 

The best way is to spread everything out. It’s the same with our minds. We need to look at every item individually, everything in our mind individually. Here it’s important to speak about choices, because everything is a choice that you are going to re-decide about now. That means we can approach this from a much more deliberate way. So what we need to do now is look at each of the thoughts in your mind, the thoughts that come up around making money, about spending money, about saving money, about people with money, and about people without money. And write down all those thoughts. Get them all out of your mind. Write down every single thought. And I want you to set aside time after you’ve listened to this podcast to do that, to write down every single thought. 

Or if you have time just now, you can pause the podcast and you can start doing that now. You’ve got everything on paper. Then I want you to ask yourself these three questions. One, do I want this? Two, does it serve me? And three, is this thinking outdated? And interestingly, these are the questions that can also be asked when you’re clearing out your wardrobe as well.

And these questions only apply to the thoughts that you have around money, not the facts. It might be a fact that you only have 2P in your bank account, but that is not the thought. Apply this to the thought itself. The thing is some of these thoughts might have served you at some point in your life. However, if they are no longer serving you now than it is time to let them go. So if you ask three questions for each and every money thought you have brainstormed out, and if for any of the answers it is a no, then you can make a decision to say goodbye to that thought. 

Now, if you are a hoarder, either of thoughts or a physical things, then it might be very difficult for you to make a decision to let go and say goodbye to the thought because that is really hard for a hoarder and at some point these thoughts might have been comforting. At some point, these thoughts might have helped you, but they are not helping you now. I had one client who had an incredibly strong thought that you had to work very, very hard to make money. He often referred to his parent’s strict work ethic in our sessions together and his son was taking over his business as he was retiring. His son had a very different way of working to his father and the father felt that his way was the right way and that his son should adhere to that strict work ethic. He didn’t feel that his son could run his business successfully while working from home, for example. 

However, his son was incredibly capable with some great ideas, which I have no doubt would have moved the business forward to a great place. Yet the father was unwilling to change his thought. He was unwilling to adapt this outdated thought. And that meant it delayed his retirement for two years until he got to a place where he realised that his thoughts around this were no longer serving him.
You see, one big indicator of success is when someone is able to make a decision and stick to that decision. He was unable to because his money thoughts were prohibiting him. So many of us are unwilling to get rid of stuff that is outdated. Things that we don’t want that don’t serve us anymore. And the reason is because it’s really comfortable to stick with what we know, even if it doesn’t serve us because we are afraid that once we make the decision, we’ll want to kind of unmake it again, and we’ll want the thing back.

But being a successful CEO means making very big decisions and then sticking to them. We put those off because we perceive it as a risk, even though the alternative means sticking with something I.e. our money thoughts that are outdated and don’t serve us. And that is not what we want. So the inability to make a decision about what you want to think about money means that things will never move forward in the direction you want them to move forward into and you will live in a default on thoughts and decisions you made when you were less wise on the subject.
So you’ve made this decision that you no longer want to think this way. You no longer want to feel this way about money. You’ve made the decision to change things. You’ve made the decision, no, and for some of you this will be incredibly scary, unbelieving things that you have perhaps believed your whole life is a really big scary thing, but that’s okay because it’s part of the process. At this point, you just have to be willing to say goodbye and let your relationship with the thoughts in your mind be complete and finished. The thing is that often saying goodbye is hard to do. You feel lost in saying goodbye and you don’t want to feel loses. It’s not a nice feeling, but we’re going to get better as saying goodbye to our thoughts that don’t serve us anymore.

And it is very challenging to create new ways of thinking, but you have to be willing to push out those old thoughts and let the new ones come in that will serve you better. And when you get to a place where your money thoughts are the ones you want, you let in more positive money thoughts and money because you are now thinking about money from a place of abundance and not lack.
So I hope this episode has been useful in giving you some food for thought around your money thoughts. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers. Increase your wealth and get more money in your pocket.


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