Client Case Studies

Here’s how we’ve worked with some of our clients to achieve their profit and take home goals.

Angela's Case Study

Angela had been running her business for around 4 years and had only ever been putting money as well as blood, sweat, and tears.

Literally! Find out how we helped Angela turn her frown upside down using Profit First, Dashboards and Money Coaching.

Jerry's Case Study

When Jerry first came to us things did not look too great!  On average, over the previous 4 years, they were spending 322% of gross profit on operating expense and now it’s only 8%! Find out how we’ve helped.

David's Case Study

David no longer need to worry about tax bills!
David runs a successful coaching business, but, like many online entrepreneurs, had the shiny object addiction when it came to purchasing online course and App Sumo! Which ended up with him receiving a tax bill that he just did not have the money for!
Find out how we helped David kick the craving using Profit First.

Kyle's Case Study

When Kyle first came to us he was averaging around £6-7k pm in revenue. Within 4 months he had a £21k month, and now consistently averages around £16-17k pm in revenue. They also now have money set aside for tax – VAT and corporation tax. A team that is now aligned to the outcomes the business wants to achieve and Kyle is taking home more money from the business, consistently, than he has ever done before.