Companies House Confirmation Statement – What Happens If I am Late in Filing?

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What happens if I am late filing my Confirmation Statement with Companies House

If you are asking yourself – what happens if I am late filing Confirmation Statement with Companies House – then this video is for you:

Here is the link to Companies House so you can file your Confirmation Statement if you need to-

Companies House Confirmation Statement – what happens if I am late filing?

You usually get reminded around about a month before the confirmation statement is due via letter sent to the registered address of the company from Companies House themselves and often the letter is actually worded as if you are already late. So, it’s a little bit of a frightening letter sometimes for people to receive. However, there is the deadline date on there for when the Confirmation Statement should be received by Companies House and as I say, you have to submit that online on the Companies House website on or before that due date.

Now, what happens if you miss it?

What happens if you do not file your Confirmation Statement with Companies House?

Well, the first thing that will happen is they will send you a letter telling you are late submitting it.

Now, it’s important to note that there is no fine for late submission of a confirmation statement at the current point in time.

It is just a, it is a legal requirement to submit it but they don’t fine you if you don’t submit it but what does happen is they start the process to actually strike off your company from the register.

So, they give you about around about two months from the filing deadline date in order to late file the Confirmation Statement.

You do this in the same way that you would do if you were filing it on time.

And after around about two months, they start the strike off procedures.

So, what they do is they would write to you and let you know that they’re doing that usually and they would start that process.

They would advertise the strike off in what is called the Gazette and they would move towards actually striking your company from the register.

Now, if it gets to the point where they actually do strike the company off the register, what happens at that point in time is your bank accounts for the business are frozen.

You would have no access to the money that is sitting in your business bank accounts.

That would revert to the Treasury and you’d have to go through a process to try and retrieve that money.

Now, if you have got to the point where you are late with your Confirmation Statement and the strike off has begun, you can halt the strike off before it finalises by submitting the Confirmation Statement. That is how you stop it.

If you do not do that and the company is struck off, you need to fill in a different form to get the company back on the register and reinstated.

So, that is what happens if you are late filing your Confirmation Statement.

I hope that’s been really helpful.

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