6 Phrases to Help You Have More Effective Marketing With Alyson Lex

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Are you expending so much time, effort, and money on your marketing only to see minimal returns to your investment? Let us learn more effective marketing with Alyson Lex, in this article.

This is not an uncommon problem for many businesses. Many business owners have even become skeptical of digital marketing; going as far as saying that these methods are overrated and in their words, “do not work.” However, we are here today to prove that it is not digital marketing that is ineffective, but rather the approach that your company may be using or implementing. Especially when talking about Effective Content Marketing

Quite recently, our very own money magician, Annette Ferguson, had the opportunity to engage in a superbly meaningful conversation with one of the industry’s best copywriting experts, Alyson Lex. You can access the full video on our official YT channel, Annette Fergs TV

Annette Fergs TV #043

Like many of you, both Annette and Alyson have had their fair share of disappointment when it comes to ineffective marketing. It is indeed frustrating to be doing so much for your business or program, only to receive so little attention in the end. Alyson, a copywriting expert, shares six easy-to-remember phrases that will change the way you do content marketing forever, and consequently help you see increased traffic and number of conversions in your business.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?…

Six Simple Phrases To Remember When Creating Content For Effective Marketing

1. Be You Boo

Let’s face it. We are constantly worried about how others see us. We wonder what kind of “image” they have of us, and also do our best to make sure that we paint them the right picture through our observable actions and behaviour. This is doubly true with business owners. 

Being the professionals that we are, we want people to see us in a positive light – sophisticated, smart, and successful. However, by trying too hard to impress our audience, we might be forgetting one simple yet crucial aspect of content marketing: Personality.

Being yourself, and actually sounding like yourself, gives your audience a more intimate perspective of your business. Of course, this is not to say that you should act informal or be “too friendly” with them. Simply imparting your personal views, using language that you normally would, and overall keeping a meaningful yet straightforward vibe that can help you connect to your audience on a more personal level will help you establish better rapport and trust. 

You can also try sharing bits and pieces about yourself, like your favourite food and whatnot, just to establish that you are a real person with human tendencies. This helps you connect with them at a fundamental level. Do remember to keep it real, however. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect which can then potentially lead to consumer distrust.

2. Get Creepy

This may sound a little alarming, and you may fear having the police come after you, but there is something we call “acceptable stalking.” By getting creepy, what Alyson tells us is to get to know what our market wants by following or observing their online activities. This could mean a lot of things – from following public figures and pages they follow, signing up for online materials they sign up for, and even joining online social groups which they belong to.

Doing so will help you get to understand your market and see things in their perspective. If you get a more holistic idea of how their mind works, their behaviour tendencies, you can devise a marketing strategy best suited for them. You can create content that “connects” and mirrors their wants, needs, and ideals. To achieve this, you first need to narrow down your demographic. 

Don’t be afraid to take on a more specific approach when it comes to selecting your market. You might think that you’re “missing out” on possible opportunities for greater online attention. However, do remember that it’s not the likes and follows that pay your bills. Regardless of how big or small your following is, the important thing is that they are the right people for your business. 

3. Poke The Bruise

By now, you probably get the gist of these phrases – they’re not to be taken literally. This marketing tip may sound a bit mean but what it is telling us is to include a subtle reminder of the issue/problem our business purports to solve in the marketing content we make. In other words, you need to insert a “trigger” in your content that will prompt the reader to take action.

All too often, people are too busy living out their everyday lives and solving everyday problems to notice the bigger issues they have in life. For instance, someone who has trouble managing his or her finances will not always think “What can I do to manage my finances better?” Some days the need for action is evident. Other days, it’s not. 

If they happen to come by your content on days that they don’t even have the time in the world to think about bigger problems, they’d quickly skim through your content without sparing a look unless there’s a “trigger” to remind them of that problem. You have to bring that “pain” (aka “poke the bruise”) to their attention while also suggesting a solution. This way, you can gain their full interest and attention.

4. “Homer Simpson”

We all know who Homer Simpson is, right? Or is it just me? Anyway, Homer Simpson is well-known for his lazy, funny, simpleton character. And for Tip #4, Alyson uses him as an inspiration – or rather, a realistic representation of how people are when they are off their game. 

No matter how smart, sophisticated, or eloquent your audience maybe, you need to prepare your marketing content as if every single person that reads it is “Homer Simpsons.” Elaborate what a person needs to do to gain access to your offers; step-by-step whenever necessary. In Alyson’s words, “tell them specifically what to do and what they can expect from doing it.”

You see, not everyone is at the top of their game 100% of the time. Chances are, your market prospects will come across your content when they are off work, scrolling through their socials as a way to decompress. You cannot expect a person on his break to be at full mental capacity, nor would he be even willing to expend the energy to comprehend a complicated function. You have to simplify or “dumb down” the way you present your offer so that even when people are not at their best, they would still feel encouraged to sign up or partake in your business.

5. Don’t Wimp Out

Don’t slowly back away after making all that effort to sell. You’ve established trust, you’ve done a stakeout, you’ve identified the problem, and you already walked them through the process. You have led them to consider taking that CTA. This is no time to wimp out and say “Well if you need us, we’ll be here.” 

Don’t be afraid to sound “salesy” as long as you are tapping the right audience. Rather than pestering, you are giving them valuable service because you know that what you offer can help change their life. Don’t think twice about being a tad more aggressive when you know that the value you offer will be far greater than their investment (Value > Investment). 

6. Energizer Bunny 

We don’t know if it’s true in your area, but around these parts, the Energizer Bunny commercial has been airing since forever. We can certainly get where Alyson is coming from when she decided to use this as the 6th and final phrase. 

Consistency. This is what we can learn from the Energizer Bunny. You’re not selling? No matter; keep posting anyway. You’re not getting enough likes on social media that it feels embarrassing? Trust me, people can see you. They’re just not aware of you – at least, not yet.

Doing business is not a one-and-done kind of a deal. It takes time, patience, and consistency. You have to everywhere at every chance you’ve got. You have to keep reminding people of your presence so that they’ll continue to discover your platform more and more. Social Media Algorithms change all the time, so you have to keep up with the changes and just keep going. There’s no telling whether you’re 1 or 30 funnels away, but you’ll never know if you stop. 

Continue to “attack” your audience with vigour. It will surely pay off in the end.

Want to catch Annette and Alyson’s full discussion? Get more info and info by checking out Episode 43 of Annette Fergs TV https://youtu.be/uppYyM9TW5Y.

And if you want more practical business ideas such as this one, make sure you go around our website, and connect with us on social media. We are on FacebookInstagramiTunes and Youtube. See you there! 

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