Unlock Wealth Through Accounting

Bespoke Profit First planning and accounting services by UK chartered accountants.

Unique Profit Plan

6 weekly onboarding calls

Dedicated Profit Advisor

Initial deep dive call

Initial professional clearance (for switching accountants)

Unlimited monthly review calls

Government compliance


Initial professional clearance:

This is done to receive information from your previous accountant.

Initial deep dive call:

Your Profit Advisor will ask for information about how your business operates and how money flows

6 weekly onboarding calls:

An intense onboarding whilst your Profit Advisor builds your Profit Plan. During this time, we will also determine your Profit First percentage allocation with an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Monthly calls:

You and your Profit First Advisor will revisit your Profit First percentages, compare actual numbers to plans and projections, and tweak according to ever-changing needs and priorities

Government compliance:

Annual accounts, corporation tax returns, confirmation statement, payroll, CIS returns.


An add-on service of monthly bookkeeping and VAT return preparation and submission


Ben Jakeman - Director at Ulysses Fitness

"Not just an accountant, Annette and the team are like mentors and like all good mentors they filter your ideas with experience and knowledge. Wish I'd found Annette sooner. As a business owner of just over 3 years now the tools they have given me in the first 6 weeks already have changed my outlook with professional forecasting, allocations and number-based decisions. Just reach out to Annette and never look back."

Dan Netting - Course Building Group Coaching

"I've been working with Annette for a few months now, and honestly I've been blown away with the whole experience and I now finally understand what it means to have a great accountant. When I talk to people about her I call her my mini-CFO, because that what it feels like. She feels like part of my team on my journey and someone that really wants to help and see me succeed."

Roxana Ghita - Certified OBM | Strategy | Launches | Operations

"I have been working with Annette and her team for a few months and I am so grateful for all the amazing work they have been doing and all the help they have been giving me. Thanks to Annette, I have been able to implement a Profit Plan which has allowed me to make investments in my business and myself. Organising the business income intentionally and spending it wisely has been a game-changer. Thank you, Annette!"


Do you remind me of deadlines?

Of course! We make sure no deadline is missed.

What is the contract tie-in period?

We have no tie in - all we ask is that if you decide to move on, we require 30 day notice.

My bookkeeping/ accounts/ submissions are a mess - how much do you charge to sort that out?

When you come on board as a client we don't charge anything extra for historic sort out and clean up - we get that all sorted out for you so we can move forward and get you to the profitability you want

Do your fees include the directors personal tax?

Prices include the directors’ personal tax returns

Can we alter the headings in the Profit and Loss account in Xero to be more aligned with their business?

Yes, no problem - all included in the fee!

Communication has been an issue with previous accountants, how do you communicate with clients?

We have a turnaround for emails of 48 hours plus we give access to a shared Slack channel.

What time of year is it best to move to you?

Any time! We can pick up work at any time of year, it doesn’t need to be your new financial year or anything like that. Just check your contract with your outgoing accountant.

How long am I tied in for?

You’re not - our T&Cs require a 30 day notice period and that is all.

Do you take over our Xero subscription, our current accountant pays for that?

Yes we do - it’s a very simple process that is part of our handover.

Do you provide ReceiptBank to clients?

Yes, at no extra charge.

How can we get our paperwork to you?

You can either post it, email it, take a photo and upload it or scan it and upload it.

Who is in your team?

Here is our team page and you can check out everyone in the team. From accountants to bookkeepers to Marketing and design 

What do you mean by "all the compliance stuff'?

What we mean by "compliance stuff" is annual accounts, corporation tax return, personal tax returns for the directors, and the confirmation statement with Companies House.

When can we expect management accounts?

By the 15th of the month (as long as you give us the information!).