I Get Leads But Cannot Convert – What Should I Do?

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A crucial part of running an online business is tapping the right people to sell to which can be your leads. While the online world is vast and endless, getting in touch with the right types of customers is a lot harder than it seems. This is why in digital marketing, we have something we call lead generation – the process of prospecting and connecting with clients that are more likely to show interest in a business’s goods and services.

Searching for good leads is like finding people with the same weird hobby as you. After all, in order for your business to become a success, you will need loyal customers to support your products or services wholeheartedly. You need to find people who genuinely show interest in what you do and what you can offer. This is the only way you can make your business sustainable.

But how do you even do this? Where do you even start?

Where Can You Find Leads?

There are many places on the internet where you can spot good leads. In fact, you’ll never catch yourself saying that you’re “out of sources” because there are plenty of places to look. Social media, for example, is a great place to start. With more than half of the world’s population having at least one social media account, these interactive platforms house countless opportunities.

However, without the right set of skills and experience, you might find yourself running in circles, expending effort on a task that brings little to no merit to your business.

Leads? They’re everywhere. You can randomly type a person’s first name and get in touch with anyone and everyone whose contact details you can get your hands on.

But then again, does that mean they’ll be buying from you as soon as you reach them? No. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll ignore, decline, or rudely reject your offer.

Does that mean your business is no good? Again, the answer is no. It only means that you’re not tapping the right people.

This is why it is essential that you find leads that have higher probabilities of conversion. This refers to people who are more likely to show interest and purchase your products. Still, effective leads don’t just grow on trees. Also, there’s the possibility of converting “uninterested” clients to buying customers. In order to explore all these opportunities, you will have to refine your technique.

The reason why you’re not having a hard time converting leads to paying clients may be explained in three key points:     

Target Market Mismatch

First off, you may be targeting the wrong market. As I’ve previously mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, it is important that you understand the appeal of your products and services. Figure out what industry your business is moving in and identify the type/s of people who will most likely be encouraged to buy your offers. Even if you have a million leads, you still won’t be able to establish a loyal market if the purpose of your business does not reflect their interests or fulfil their needs.

Unconvincing Message

The next thing you need to take a look at is your approach – particularly how you establish the connection between you and the prospective client. Usually, you can connect with leads through message or call but regardless of the medium used, what’s more, important is the message you are trying to convey as you connect with them. You need to have the right tone, build-up and set an encouraging mood.

When drafting your message or offer, it is best to highlight what clients can gain from using your products or services. Usually, businesses are too focused on talking about their offers and promotions that they miss the most important ingredient to the message: Relevance.

Effectively convey how your business can be of help to clients, how they can merit from their purchase from you.

Weak Offer

If the first two points do not solve your conversion problems, then the issue probably lies with your products and services. Try to assess your business model once again. What is your business’s purpose? How well do your products and services complement your purpose? You also have to consider necessity and practicality when coming up with new products to sell. All goods and services must be timely, efficient, and relevant.

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