Annette & Co. is seeking to add its next superstar to our rapidly growing team! This is a unique and dynamic full-time role is perfect for an individual who desires to work with people and help them succeed. 

  • Candidates must display high energy, exceptional organization and the ability to communicate in a clear and succinct way.
  • Memory and notetaking to facilitate progressive conversations and truly valuable relationships are essential. 
  • Communication skills both written and verbal will be the key determining factor for success.
  • Must be willing to invest (time) heavily in going through our programs and truly becoming an expert in the models and systems we teach.

We are open to individuals who have had business of their own in the past or have had career experience that lends itself well to the key career requirements. A love of continuous learning and being open to coaching, mentoring and feedback is 100% necessary.

 Position Title: Profit Advisor

Basic Role Description

This role is for a financial coach for clients (which we call a Profit Advisor) 

  • You will have weekly calls with clients in their first 6 weeks of onboarding, then monthly calls thereafter. These calls have a structure to them. 
  • You will support our clients building our their Profit Plans (forecast) and review these with your clients monthly
  • You will review the Profit Plan versus actuals with clients on monthly calls. 
  • You will be responsible for generating referrals from existing clients 
  • You will be responsible for getting on “fitting” (sales) calls and closing clients into both the Business Wealth Academy and as Accounting clients. 
  • You will be responsible for participating in our BWA launches every 6-8 weeks through DM conversations and tagging prospects in live sessions
  • You will be required to to go live in our FB Group 2-weekly initially, then moving to weekly as a minimum. 

Results Statement

This position is accountable for producing the following results…

  • To guide, support and push for continuous progress as Business Wealth Academy Members go through our intensive business programs and our Accounting clients work with us.
  • The aim is to get our client, initially to a profit increase of £20k per annum.

Work Listing

Strategic Work: 

  • Coming up with innovative ideas, suggestions and proactive actions to be taken to grow and improve our client experience

Tactical Work:

  • Weekly calls with accounting clients during 6 week onboarding following our call structure
  •  Monthly ongoing strategy and support calls with accounting clients following our call structure
  • Weekly calls with our Business Wealth Academy members (20 min 1-2-1’s which they can book if they want one) 
  • FB Live in FB Group starting at 2 times per month and going up to weekly.
  • Taking “fitting calls” with prospective clients following our call structure 
  • Proactively reaching out to each of your members/clients 3x per month (between calls)
  • Learn Member Site inside and out
  • Documentation on progress of each member/client you spoke to and team communication around next steps
  • Soliciting feedback and escalating questions concerns and feedback
  • Yielding consistent referrals and introductions to new potential clients from existing ones


Position Specific Standards: 

  •  Attention to detail.
  •  Ability to communicate in a clear and succinct way
  •  Organization


  •  Referrals from existing clients
  • 20k profit increase for clients within the first 6 months of working with us 
  •  Percentage of clients “closed” on “fitting calls” 
  • Work from home position (always – not just covid-19 related) 

Salary & Hours

  • We are Living Wage Affiliated Employers
  • Starting basic salary of £20,000 (plus sales commission – 5-10% of sale)
  • Part time (20 hours pw) (with the ability to move to full time if you wish, over time)
  • Work from home position (always, not just covid related) 


  • 20 days pa paid leave pro rata + bank holidays + paid birthday day off
  • No previous coaching or Profit First experience necessary – we can teach you everything!


To apply, please submit the following via email to with the subject – Profit Advisor Application :

1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume

2. Tell us how you heard about this position

3. StrengthsFinder Top–5 Strengths Report (optional) –

4. Kolbe A Index Assessment (optional) –

Client Testimonials

danielle north

Danielle Marchant

Annette focuses on so much more than just the numbers, she gets into the real reasons you run a business and partners with you to achieve your results. She is one of our key team members!

Kieza Silveira De Sousa Client Testimonial

Kieza Silveira De Sousa

Annette really understands what it's like to be a small business owner, and after having used 4 different accountants who had let me down before I've finally found a company and team that can help me to stay on top of things, but also to discuss how to move the business forward. Very grateful for their work

debbie marks

Debbie Marks

Annette is no usual accountant. She takes time to learn about your business and gives you as much advice as she can. Annette makes you think about money differently. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

Charlotte Bromilow Client Testimonial

Charlotte Bromilow

Since Annette began to work with us our stress levels have reduced and our financial clarity has increased greatly. We actually get to enjoy our money and business growth now and feel like we are accomplishing something brilliant while being supported. Annette & Co are simply the best! Thank-you so much for all your hard work with us we appreciate it so much!

kate harrison

Kate Harrison

Annette, Sam and the team are just so different from any other accountants I have ever dealt with. They have become part of my team, even though they are physically miles away! I have never had such regular contact and support. Annette has got to know my business and has helped me get to grips with the numbers. I actually look forward to checking my bank balances now!

Heather Angell

Heather Angell

Productivity & Success Mentor

You add so much value thank you, best accountant ever ????

This is Katya Varbanova an accounting and bookkeeping client of Annette & Co. for 2+ Years now

Katya Varbanova


I've been working with Annette as my accountant for 2 years and wouldn't choose anyone else over her. She understands the online space better than ever and is brilliant with client communications!

Picture of Marina Pearson of Marina Pearson - Accounting and book keeping client here at Annetee & Co.

Marina Pearson

MuM & Boss

I've just saved 5K in VAT thanks to Annette Ferguson. ❤️ing you right now!!!

raj naphray

Raj Naphray

CEO - Business Owner

Annette has been fantastic is supporting me implement the principles and teachings from 'Profit First'. She fully understood my business processes, and over a number of pre-set appointments, she successfully rejuvenated my interest in effortlessly running my accounts.

This is Katya Varbanova an accounting and bookkeeping client of Annette & Co. for 2+ Years now

Katya Varbanova


I've been working with Annette as my accountant for 2 years and wouldn't choose anyone else over her. She understands the online space better than ever and is brilliant with client communications!


Hotel Nanny

The new payroll system you have put in place for us is truly a fantastic implementation, it makes it so tight and slick. Thank you again for this


Conquer the Chaos

These calls are the highlight of my month in my business