5 Things You Should Do If You Miss the Personal Tax Deadline

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Missed the personal tax deadline? There will be some consequences, but all is not lost. The most important thing is to move quickly. Further delay usually means heavier penalties. Here are five concrete steps you can take if you miss the personal tax deadline to get back on track. 

What Should You Do If You Miss the Personal Tax Deadline?


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1. File the Self Assessment as soon as you realize you are late.

Anyone who handles their taxes, such as self-employed, uses the Self Assessment System to pay the necessary amounts of tax to HMRC. If you missed the deadline for filing, there is an automatic £100 fine. This fine applies even if you do not owe taxes. 

The fine continues to grow the more you delay. If you do not file within three months of the deadline, there is an additional £10 fine per day over the next 90 days. If the Self Assessment still has not been filed after six and then 12 months, the computation of penalties could be based on the amount of tax owed plus interest. 

2. Pay missed taxes as soon as possible.

If you fail to pay the amount you owe in personal taxes by the deadline, there will be a penalty in the form of fines – how much depends on how much you owe. There is a set percentage of 5% of the tax amount due. Thus, the amount you owe gets bigger unless you pay. 

3. If your Personal Tax deadline payment is delayed because of a reasonable situation, inform the HMRC.

The HMRC allow for the wavier of late-filing penalties if there is a “reasonable excuse” There is no set definition for this and is done at the discretion of officials. Some examples of excuses that waived penalties are serious illness or if the HMRC’s online platform had some difficulties.

It is important to note that unawareness is not considered an acceptable reason for the delay in the payment of taxes. For example, you will not be excused from penalties if you did not receive a letter reminding you of your tax obligations. This is because it is assumed that individuals are responsible enough to know their civic duties. 

4. Contact the HMRC if you missed the Personal Tax deadline because you do not have enough money to pay.

The HMRC can work with you in setting up a payment plan to spread out the cost of the Self Assessment bill if these two conditions are met:

  1. You owe less than £10,000
  2. There are no other existing payment plans with HMRC.

While the payment plan can accommodate how much you can pay and when interest will still apply. If you miss a payment in the instalment plan, HMRC can cancel the arrangement and ask you to pay the amount you owe in full. 

5. Continue to pay the other taxes you owe. 

Any taxes that you missed is an independent situation from the other taxes you owe. This means that any arrangements you made regarding its payment do not affect other taxes. If you fail to pay your other taxes, then it gives HMRC cause to cancel your payment plan. In addition, you will have to pay separate interest or fines with the other taxes.


If you miss the personal tax deadline, this is the bottom line: take action straight away. The HMRC can pursue an enforcement action against those who do not pay their taxes or make arrangements for its payment. Examples of enforcement actions are taking you to a court or closing down your business. To avoid more severe consequences, contact HMRC to know that you are doing something to remedy late tax payments.

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