Profit First for UK Business

Crisis-proof Your Business Dreams

The hands-down most comprehensive Profit First training program designed for UK businesses who want to drive more money into their life.

Get in the Training for just £27!

Question for Entrepreneurs who want more for their life:

When a pandemic hits (again), how chill will you feel on a scale of 1 to “Oh no I have bills to pay!”

Your vision wasn’t to go day-by-day feeling threatened by expenses, crises, and viruses. That unsettling feeling is not only about money. It’s about your family, your employees, your future.

All strategies suddenly seem to fail. You might hit a great number this month, but how about next month? How about when a new lockdown is put into place?

There has never been a truer statement than this: We don’t know what will happen in the future. But while this is super true, this one also is:

You have total control over what will happen in your business.

Rather, you have total control over how much profit you will earn from your business. Isn’t this the literal bottom line?

As long as you have profits, then you know your business is thriving.

It’s time to make sure you’re in total control.

Are you ready to crisis-proof your business once and for all and tap into the power of the Profit First method?

Profit First for UK Businesses by Annette Ferguson

UK-based accounting firm. Certified Profit First since 2015. Chartered Accountant

I’ve taken my professional training and experience of serving literally hundreds of UK businesses into this comprehensive training laser-focused on how Profit First is implemented on a UK business.

Since 2015, we’ve taken hundreds of clients on board and helped them with their accounting, Profit First-style. Since then, we’ve had firsthand experience on the nuances that are unique to the UK landscape.

You won’t find this anywhere else. 

Profit First expertise
UK laws, taxes and nuances know-how
A comprehensive Profit First method for you

What’s Inside the Training

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
Straight from the author of the book Profit First himself, Mike Michalowicz shares rich insight into the process and the mindset. 

Stage 1:
Behavior Basics
Small Plates
How can I “magic” profit?
How many bank accounts?
UK Profit First Friendly Banks

Stage 2:  Uniquely UK business finance handling
How to stop yourself “borrowing” back from your other bank accounts
How to work out what percentages to use VAT
PAYE versus Dividends & The Interaction with Owners Pay and Profit Accounts
Starting bank balances
Can’t I just use spreadsheets rather than different bank accounts?
Using Profit First with Xero/Quickbooks/Wave/Freeagent/Other Bookkeeping Software
Can my UK business really pay my personal tax bill?
Making allocations easier UK Business Target Allocation Percentages

My Interview with Mike  Michalowicz
I’ve had the privilege of interviewing the Profit First author, where he shared some valuable insight into the book. 

Profit Plan Training
The exact Profit Plan I create for my accounting clients, I hand over to you. A solid training in five videos so you can craft and implement your very own Profit Plan.

If at any time you want to consult about something, you can book a call with me. Always in your corner.

I am confident that this training will bring immense value to your life. It will cut the learning curve and give you everything you need about handling your business finances in the UK through Profit First.

It has worked across all industries, all business sizes, and I am confident that it will work for yours. I am so excited for you to discover the Profit First method and experience the impact it had on my and my clients’ businesses.

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