How Service-Based Businesses Can Leverage Podcast Interviews to Find Clients with Jessica Rhodes

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a featured blog image for an episode of Annette Fergs TV an interview with Jessica Rhodes

Podcast. Anyone who owns a smartphone may have heard about it already. It’s the new age radio; episodic content that is made available in the form of downloadable audio files that are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. In this article of podcast guesting with Jessica Rhodes.

Podcast listening has become increasingly popular in recent years. We do it too! Ours is called Uncover Wealth Radio – a digital audio stream of all the biggest and latest updates in the world of UK businesses. Podcast has been an effective way to disseminate information as well as share tidbits of wisdom to particular niches without imposing too much on people’s schedules. After all, they can access and listen to these episodes anywhere – while doing their makeup, commuting to work, out having brunch, or going for a run. Having said that; it is also a great way for businesses to connect with their markets on a fundamental level.

Ever heard of Podcast Marketing?

Very recently, I was given the opportunity to sit down and have a meaningful talk with Podcast Guesting expert, Jessica Rhodes. During our interview, we talked about all things Podcast – what it is, how it works, and how it can help your business leverage podcast guesting to increase brand awareness. You can access the full interview on Annette Ferg’s TV

Here are some very important takeaways from our interview:

What Is Podcast Guesting?

As Jessica explained, Podcast Guesting is when you hop on as a guest in a Podcast series hosted by another individual. It’s like getting invited to a talk show; where you exchange dialogues with the host and talk about various topics related to your work or the type of business industry you move in.

As a guest, you can share your story, experiences, and expertise with an audience. You can share information in the form of conversation. According to Jessica, this helps you connect with the audience on a more personal level. They get to know you as the real person that you are, and not just some face on an ad they pass in their social media feeds every once in a while.

Podcast Guesting is most ideal for service-based businesses as services need to be marketed beyond face value. Unlike tangible goods, people have a more challenging time choosing which services are best appropriate for their needs. They need information, as well as build their trust and confidence on a particular service provider before they can allow themselves to invest any money. This is why platforms where you can thoroughly express your thoughts, share your ideas, and reflect the value of the information you have, like Podcast, are most effective when you are running a service-based business.

Why Not Run Your Own Podcast?

If you decide on Interview-based Podcast as your Podcast Marketing strategy, not having your own Podcast series will not be an issue. You can still guest without having a show of your own. In fact, Jessica Rhodes, our Podcast Marketing expert, do recommend that you start appearing as a guest. It can help you practice speaking in front of a microphone and engaging with meaningful conversations with the host. By doing so, you will have the experience of what it’s like to be the guest of a podcast interview and therefore, become a better host yourself.

Furthermore, guesting in podcast shows will allow you to identify the “gaps” in your industry. You can identify which has been done already and which areas remain unexplored. By gathering all these experiences, you can eventually come up with a Podcast series that is unique, fresh, and information-driven.

Lastly, if you run your own podcast, you have to gather an audience yourself. This requires more marketing and advertising, and there’s no guarantee that you can reach your desired number of attendees within a specific time frame. By guesting in other shows, you can take advantage of that podcast channel’s following. You can reach multiple audiences by guesting in multiple shows, allowing you to reach more people in less time.  

How Can You Become A Podcast Guest?

Now, here’s the amusing part. “You can’t just post something like, ‘who wants to interview me?’ on social media” Jessica said. Getting invited for interviews takes more than that. And even if you are influential enough to get invited for interviews by simply posting that, there’s no telling what types of interviews you’ll be featured in. Therefore, to make sure that you attend the right interviews, you have to:

  • Get Clear On Your Strategy – What is it that you stand for? What is the message you want to come across? If you are clear about what you want people to know, you know what type of results you are aiming for. Thus, helping you understand what types of Podcast interviews you should be attending.
  • Get Out There – Conduct effective researching; make use of websites that can help you find opportunities. The more you seek out opportunities, the more they will come to you. They have always been there. They just become more evident when you start looking out for them.

When Can You Expect A Return From Podcast Guesting? 

As per Jessica’s words, “this strategy is a slow burn.” It is not meant for fast, hard sells. Instead, it helps you build your relationship with a certain niche and introduce your business in a relatable way. With that said, it is strongly recommended that you don’t do it for less than a year. 

You see, podcast interviews are pre-recorded. They won’t be LIVE for at least a couple of months (at least two in Jessica’s experience). There are a lot of pre-recorded materials, and your interview gets queued like the rest. Also, listeners won’t always need your service the moment they hear you on Podcast. Remember the 16 touchpoints? You can get them on your funnel, but it will require more work to convert them to paying customers.

Thus, consistency is crucial. You have to be everywhere; you have to make sure that your target market does not forget about you. If you keep showing up on Podcast interviews and consistently market your services across other platforms, you will eventually hit the right number of “touches” and convert your audience to paying customers. 

Never not be on your target market’s radar. 

Pitfalls Of Podcast Strategy

As with any marketing strategy, Podcast guesting is not without faults. Here are some “pitfalls” to using this strategy, according to Jessica Rhodes:

  • You cannot make hard sells/advertise/directly market your product.
  • You can easily confuse your audience by giving way too many CTAs.

The first one is to be expected. As previously mentioned, Podcast Guesting is not meant for hard selling. It’s a way to build a relationship with your target market long-term. As for the second problem, you can easily resolve this by simplifying your CTA. Just give your audience one clear CTA, one simple direction on how to find you. You don’t have to tell them your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and everything else at one time. Give them one clear instruction that’s easy to follow and simply give them another once they get to another platform. Create a chain of CTAs instead of dropping them all at once to your audience. 

If you think this has been an interesting read, check out the source interview on Annette Fergs TV. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from Podcast Guesting expert, Jessica Rhodes!

And if you want more practical business ideas such as this one, make sure you go around our website, and connect with us on social media. We are on FacebookInstagramiTunes and Youtube. See you there! 

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