Welcome Profit Seeker!

Your business is growing well…or should I say, revenue is growing well?
But everything you are making seems to, just as quickly, go back out the door again – to everyone else (including the tax man!) and it just feels like there is not as much for you as there should be!


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It's time for you to earn more money for you and your family to enjoy!

You want to start scaling (probably yesterday), you want to be connecting more with your community, and you want to move into less of the doing and more of the strategy. 

But where is that cash going to come from?

You keep selling more and there never seems to be a surplus of cash for everything you want to do…

You have big goals and big plans, you are frustrated. I get it. (I’ve been there!)

And let’s be honest…at times (maybe all the time) you are resentful of your business taking up so much energy for such little back to you and your family.

Your growing team seems to be getting paid more than you – this is not how it’s supposed to be – it feels like it would be easier if you just sacked everyone, and went back to trading your time for money…except you know that it wouldn’t really – that wouldn’t enable you to make the impact you want to make…but sometimes it feels like it would be so much easier that way…

You know that the numbers need to be focused on…but you are concentrating on bringing the money in, on selling.

You don’t have the time (or let’s face it, energy) to be looking at the outgoings, to be looking at stats, to be looking at profit…

And your current finance team…you are pretty sure they are doing what needs to be done for the tax man…but probably no more than that….maybe you are not sure how they can help with this stuff, or if they are the right finance team to help you with this stuff…hmmm…

In the last few months alone we have guided our newbie clients to achieve:

Reducing FB Ad spend (by 4%) but increasing revenue and profit.

Increasing the money their business gives them personally by 202%.

£100k a year to £100k months and decreased membership churn by 7%.

Getting rid of a program that was actually making a loss (but they couldn’t see it without clear Dashboards).

I am not a marketer. 

We don’t get these types of results from branding or fancy website rebuilds.

I am a Chartered Accountant.  

We help 6 figure entrepreneurs plug money leaks, and get in a place where the financial systems and processes are in a place to scale through our proven Business Wealth Engine (BWE)…and of course, as with any great finance function, we make sure you are kept legal with the tax man too.

We get results by understanding and analyzing the data and strategy in your business – by having a very close eye and control on the numbers and as a result increasing revenue and profits for our clients (as well as doing the compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll).

The systems and strategies we implement to get these results are not ones that you need to manage at all; we do all that for you.  

We plug our proven system, the Business Wealth Engine into your business and we operate it too.

This is what we do with our Profit Seeker clients.

We work very closely with your business to really get the data to work for you and you don’t need to worry about it, or analyze, we do all that for you.

Who our Profit Seeker clients are:

6-figure businesses.

Online business entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, trainers, change-makers, thought leaders, authors, etc.)

UK based.

Companies We’ve Worked With

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client logo Life by Danille
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client logo this is your dream
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Here are some super cool features we have as standard, to help your business grow!

Profit First

Which means you get to take home more money from your business while plugging money leaks!

Forecasting & Tracking

Which means we are standing with you shoulder to shoulder, standing in the same direction as you – forward! I’m here to help you achieve your desired goals!

Join Us on Slack!

Stuff wait times.
You’ll get your own designated slack channel with us!
You shouldn’t be hanging around for 2 weeks for an answer from your accountant, you can use your time much more efficiently.

Xero & Receiptbank

We provide you with Xero and Receiptbank for no extra fee, and keep it up to date for you!

Accounting & Tax

As you should expect from a highly competent Chartered Accountant – we take care of all the compliance stuff – the annual accounts, confirmation statement, corporation tax, and director(s) personal tax returns  

Bookkeeping, Payroll & VAT

Bookkeeping is so much more than setting up bank feeds in Xero, and sending to ReceiptBank. We make sure every part of your finances is reconciled e.g. does your Stipe tie back to your CRM sales to your bank account? 







Hey, I'm Annette Ferguson,

I am the founder and CEO of Annette & Co. but…I am so much more! 

I am a Chartered Accountant, Certified Profit First Pro, Profit Mentor and Income Strategist. I am also an incredibly proud mother of my two little ones Brock and Cally. A devoted wife to my amazing husband Alex and a ‘Super Awesome’ Boss (Major’s words not mine).  

I’m an entrepreneur and business owner just like YOU

I’m sometimes a runner, an avid reader and a HUGE lover of audiobooks and podcasts.

I started my accounting firm in 2009, and have learnt the hard way on many things in business – but thankfully, I have managed to build a business that fully supports me and my family and fully enables us to live the life we want to live and I want the same for you too – whatever your desired goals might be!

So let’s do this together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder or checkout more of my services below…