Online Training:

Profit First for UK Online Based Businesses

Are you a fan of Profit First and want to find out how to apply it to your UK online business? Then this is for you…

If you like the Profit First concept and and running a UK based online business then you'll want to join me for this special online training.

And I want to caveat and say, this training is pre-recorded. It was originally done Live, and you can still ask questions (and have them answered) – but you will not be attending this online training live.

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I am Annette Ferguson, CEO of Annette & Co. I am a Chartered Accountant and Certified Profit First Professional. I have been certified by Profit First for over 5 years and business owner for over 10 years.

I geek out on all things online business and so love to support online businesses. Which is why I am running this online training mixing up online business and Profit First!!

I can’t wait to see you there.


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What we cover


The number one thing that is missing when most business owners implement Profit First themselves and causes them to fail and start stealing back form the accounts.


Allocation percentages specifically for UK online business. Including things like team spend and marketing budget allocation percentages.


How to set systems so that it only takes you 2-3 minutes a week to do your allocations.


Is this live?

No it is not. It was originally held live - but this is a recording.

Will this be useful if I sell products online?

It will be aimed at those selling services, however there will still be large parts where you will get great value.

I am just starting in business, is this for me?

Yes, Profit First can be implemented even if you are a start up.

Can I use Profit First with Xero/Quickbooks

Profit First is a cash management system so can be used alongside any accounting/bookkeeping system.

Register to receive the workbook and access to the online training.