Your business has money leaks. I help you plug them so you STOP losing money and start earning high profits. Find your money leaks.

Annette Ferguson Smile

I’m Annette, founder and CEO at Annette & Co UK.

Let’s set up your business for high AND increasing profits.

We’re an accounting and business finance strategy hub for service-based business owners like you.

Simply put, I’ll help you make more money through your already amazing business, so you can lean into your passion and serve more people.

Can I get a “yeah”? Pour yourself some tea. I got this.

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client logo-client nectar
client logo-blue peg
client logo 20 nation
client logo Life by Danille
client logo-motion hatch
client logo gtex
client logo this is your dream
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Make your business worth all the hustle.
How can I help you?

Work with Us: 

Profit First High Integrity Accounting

Do you dread end-of-the-month finance statements? Not sure how much you’re taking home this time? Let’s flip the equation and make sure you earn your profit first and foremost. All while we take care of your compliance stuff, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, and whatnots.

Profit First for UK Business  Workshop

Hands-down the most comprehensive Profit First training program designed for UK businesses who want to drive more money into their life

Get Ahead in the Game:

Business Wealth Academy

Transform your business into a stable, steady overflow of money for your family and your team so you can continue to serve your people. This is my intensive course of essential money strategies, free downloads, business finance hacks, and one on one coaching!

I understand the language of business finance.

Because no, your profit will not magically sort itself out for you.

You know what they say; you can only work with something you truly understand. This is true for music, for fitness, for your very own business, and for the money you wish you’re earning from it.

My 10+ years of experience of being a certified
Profit First and chartered accountant for my own and my clients’ businesses has enabled me to understand the language of money in depth.

So much so that I am able to create a Profit First plan for you.

How much is supposed to go to your profit? You tell me, and we’ll make it happen for you.


"I have been working with Annette and her team for a few months and I am so grateful for all the amazing work they have been doing and all the help they have been giving me.
Thanks to Annette, I have been able to implement a Profit Plan which has allowed me to make investments in my business and myself. Organizing the business income intentionally and spending it wisely has been a game-changer. Thank you, Annette!"

roxana ghita

Roxana Ghita

Certified OBM | Strategy | Launches | Operations

"Annette and her team take the pain out of accounting! She is available for regular zoom chats to make sure my business's finances are on track and Sam takes care of the bookkeeping and payroll. They really are virtual members of my team and are always available for help and support. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else!"

kate harrison

Kate Harrison


"Annette focuses on so much more than just the numbers, she gets into the real reasons you run a business and partners with you to achieve your results. She is one of our key team members!"

danielle north

Danielle North

Exclusive CEO Retreats | Online Leadership Coaching | Online Team Retreats | Online Employee Retreats | Exec Coaching | Pause Diagnostic Report

"Annette has been fantastic in supporting me to implement the principles and teachings from 'Profit First'. She fully understood my business processes, and over a number of pre-set appointments, she successfully rejuvenated my interest in effortlessly running my accounts. Thanks, Annette!"

raj naphray

Raj Naphray


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness!

carina lawson

Carina Lawson

Associate Director of Academic Operations at Georgetown University in Qatar

"I started working with Annette approximately a year ago or so for my bookkeeping, accounts and payroll. I chose Annette after reading the Profit First Book. With Annette's team and one on one coaching calls, I feel Annette really understands me and my business goals and we work together in achieving them. She offers so much more than just doing the numbers. It is also a bonus most paperwork and communication can be downloaded online. If you are looking for more than just an accountant who feels like they are part of your business and goals, rather than an outsourced extra going through the motions of "doing your accounts", I would certainly have a call with Annette to find out what she can do for you and your business. She takes accountancy to another level."

michelle hart

Michelle Hart

Owner of Sheen Hair Salon

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