Startup Marketing Guide: Some Important Things To Have For Your Business!

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Do you want to start an online marketing business but don’t know where to start? Are you having trouble managing it? Well, you have come to the right place as I am about to show you some things that would greatly help you grow your business, as well as help you manage it!


In this little guide, we will cover some basic ideas of the things and the reasons for getting them. In this topic, I will subdivide it into two, which are “Things That Would Help You Grow Your Business” and “Tools That Could Help You Manage Your Business” so buckle up and ready to take down some notes!


Things That Would Help You Grow Your Business


  1. Branding


This is probably the most basic thing you have to get to start up your business! Branding is a way for potential customers to recognize your products or company when it is promoted through mediums. Branding can be costly, but trust me, this is the face of your product or your company that could potentially become an iconic name in the history of businesses!


  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Majority of the business owners already know about this, I mean, why wouldn’t they? It is one of the most important services that would help grow your business! SEO is a process that uses an algorithm, or mathematical formula, that ranks related products and services, then presents the highest ranks at the front page after a person searches something commercially on a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.).


Why is it important? With the advancement of today’s technology, people can now search for products and services at the tip of their finger. With trillions of searches every year, taking advantage of it to advertise your products and services would greatly increase your chances of customers buying a product or paying service from you. Especially when they are presented at the front page after a potential customer searches.


  1. Social Media


Millions of people are using this and I know you are aware of it by now. Social Media are websites and applications that enable people to communicate, interact, share contents, and collaborate. This is another way to advertise your products and services, but in addition to that, this would help your customers keep in touch with you and your products in a form of updates.


Having a platform and posting about your products and services through social media could help attract more customers. For example, you post a video about how your product works, with millions of users every day, it is bound for your product to gain some attraction with it. So why not try it out?


  1. Influencers


As we all know, a famous individual brings lots of attention from their fans and perhaps some other non-fan people. They, of course, are also a great medium to advertise your products or services! However, let’s be mindful that influencers are also an individual, so that means for us to take advantage of their fame, we also have to pay them for it.


They could be costly, of course, but you really might want to take consideration. In many ways, influencers could boost up your recognition to people, namely introducing your company, telling their experience of the product, etc. They could potentially become the mascot of your company as well that would reel up customers.


Tools That Could Help You Manage Your Business


  1. Strategic Tools


Now, what would happen to a company that does not have any plans or strategies that would serve as their bases for their business? That’s right, everything will be chaotic, and it would more likely end up with bankruptcy. Which is why I put these tools on this topic.


Strategic tools, as the name implies, are tools that help business owners and other professions bring up ideas, plans, and strategies. With these tools, this could help you recognize problems and analyze them, then come up with solutions. Sounds pretty useful, isn’t it? There are a lot of strategic tools you could use, and I will name some basic ones you could use for starting.


Basic Strategic Tools:


  1. SWOT Analysis


SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) Analysis helps you review your strategy by laying down these four categories. This is a great strategy for starters mainly because It’s easy to use, and potentially bring up new ideas, as well as identifying problems that could arise.


  1. Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis


This strategic tool focuses on the 5 factors that affect the business’ profits, opportunities, and risks. These 5 factors are Suppliers, Buyers, Entry/Exit Barriers, Substitutes, and Rivalry. This help identifies some opportunities, problems outside the product itself (e.g. supplies of the product, mode of delivery, production of the products), and rivals.


This tool could help provide a basis on dealing with the different problems. For starters, this is a great tool to use because although it looks so in-depth, it’s easy to use and understand! 


  1. Customer Journey Map


One single-most important factor for a business to succeed is having customers. Yes, without those customers, there would be no business. What would happen if customers do not have a good experience with your products or services? It would likely flunk your sales, but don’t be discouraged, we have a strategic tool designed for that!


Customer Journey Map focuses on the customer. This tool helps give an overview of the customer’s experiences, expectations, interaction with the company, and helps provide opportunities to improve your product and gain more customer satisfaction. A happy customer means good service.


  1. Online Accounting Tools


As the business world grows, the users of online accounting tools rise too, why? Because accounting tools are important in managing the financial part of the business. It may or may not be too significant yet when you are still starting up, but trust me, it will be a great help for you and your market.


What do they do? As I stated, they are the ones that help you manage your finances for your company. Online Accounting tools allow you to see how your marketing is doing in real-time, it also gives you lots of information like your bank feed and the values of money. It is indeed a nice tool to have! 


Overall, this tool gives a huge impact when managing your business. A lot of successful owners today use this to not only manage their business but also manage their time. It brought a huge change to the marketing world, and many were glad to have it.

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