Which Shopping Carts Can I Integrate with Stripe?

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During this time, more and more people settle for the convenience of shopping from the comforts and safety of their home. This is why it is important for each one of us, whether you’re the seller or the buyer, to know which e-commerce shopping carts we can use to purchase goods and services without hassle. So if you are fond of shopping online, you surely know why Stripe is a popular option as payment provider for online transactions. 


Stripe has no monthly fee. Instead, it offers a flat 20p plus 1.4% transaction fee for European cards and 20p + 2.9% transaction fee for non-European cards. This means that you will be charged a fixed fee and a percentage of transaction per sale. You can also use Stripe if you live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and USA. Businesses can also charge in 128 different currencies at present.


How does Stripe work?


Whenever we pay for something we purchased from an online store, accepting our payments require two things: a merchant account and a gateway.


Simply put, a merchant account is a bank account that allows the business to accept credit payments and debit card payments. A gateway, on the other hand, functions as the “card reader” or the card reader where you “slide your card into” even when buying something online.


So in order to process online payments, businesses will need both the merchant account and the gateway. Many payment providers have an integrated gateway. This is where Stripe comes in because it is one of those gateways.


Which shopping carts can I integrate with Stripe—for free?


Now we get to the more important question we have as business owners: which shopping carts can I integrate with Stripe? The good news is that Stripe is growing and is continually integrating with many shopping carts. Here are the ones that entail no upfront costs or those without any additional fees.



What’s great about Shopify is that it has white-labeled Stripe. This just means that it has the most integrated Stripe experience. When using Shopify, you can apply right from within your shopping cart.



For over a year now, Stripe has been integrated in 3DCart.


BigCommerce and CoreCommerce

These two websites have similar functionality and both of them allows for easy integration of Stripe.



If you use WordPress for your e-commerce website, you may check out Cart66 which allows you to embed stores in your site.



Stripe has been integrated into this popular shopping cart during the past year.


Third Party Modules


Are you willing to pay or you are just in need of more options? These shopping carts make use of third party modules and plugins that you can use with your shopping carts for a fee.



Integrate Stripe using modules that cost around US$150.



This open source cart integrates Stripe for around US$30.



This popular shopping cart for WordPress sites has a plugin that costs US$79 for a single site license.


If you’re just starting out and have no idea which shopping cart you should use for your business, it will be good to list down your online business’s needs and ensure that your shopping cart is able to provide them.

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