David – Client Case Study

‘I no longer need to worry about tax bills!’

David runs a successful coaching business, but, like many online entrepreneurs, he had the shiny object addiction when it came to purchasing online courses like App Sumo! Which ended up with him receiving a tax bill that he just did not have the money for.

That is when David got in touch with us.

Like a lot of online entrepreneurs he was fed up of the feast and famine that he felt was happening in his business, and was fed up of always panicking  every time his tax was due.

We got David set up with his Profit Plan and implementing Profit First and the feast and famine soon was fixed.

David moved from never and I mean never in the 5 years he had run his business had enough money set aside to pay the tax bill. Now he has his VAT all accounted for, his corporation tax all accounted for, and his personal tax all accounted for.

Way ahead of having to pay that over to HMRC all those using Profit First  methodology that we support you to implement in your business.

Annette Ferguson, Chartered Accountant, Profit First Professional, Accountant, Bookkeeper

No more having to agree on payment plans or panics when it came to the tax man.

David has told us that the work we have done together has meant that he has never had more cash in his business and he has no more waking up in the night in a cold sweat type panics.