If you find that the answer to your questions are not answered below the please get in touch our Chartered Accountants and Profit First Professionals and bookkeepers are always on hand to help.  

Do you remind me of deadlines?

Of course! We make sure no deadline is missed.

What is the contract tie-in period?

We have no tie in - all we ask is that if you decide to move on, we require 30 day notice.

Do your fees include the directors personal tax?

Prices include the directors’ personal tax returns

Can we alter the headings in the Profit and Loss account in Xero to be more aligned with their business?

Yes, no problem - all included in the fee!

Communication has been an issue with previous accountants, how do you communicate with clients?

We have a turnaround for emails of 48 hours plus we give access to a shared Slack channel

When can we expect management accounts?

By the 15th of the month (as long as you give us the information!).

What time of year is it best to move to you?

Any time! We can pick up work at any time of year, it doesn’t need to be your new financial year or anything like that. Just check your contract with your outgoing accountant.

How long am I tied in for?

You’re not - our T&Cs require a 30 day notice period and that is all.

Do you take over our Xero subscription, our current accountant pays for that?

Yes we do - it’s a very simple process that is part of our handover.

Do you provide ReceiptBank to clients?

Yes, at no extra charge.

How can we get our paperwork to you?

You can either post it, email it, take a photo and upload it or scan it and upload it.

Who is in your team?

Here is our team page and you can check out everyone in the team. From accountants to bookkeepers to Marketing and design 🙂

What do you mean by "all the compliance stuff'?

What we mean by "compliance stuff" is annual accounts, corporation tax return, personal tax returns for the directors, and the confirmation statement with Companies House.