Strategic Chats

Tell me about Your Business on the Zoom Call and we can talk strategy - specifics for your business, and what I would do in your situation.

You'll be on the video speaking to me.

What is it?

It is a Zoom “Let’s talk strategy” session – where you can join and ask my opinion on your business strategy, whether that is financial strategy or general business strategy.

I love supporting people with strategy and it seems a time when that support is really needed.

Tell me about your business on the Zoom Call and we can talk strategy – specifics for your business, and what I would do in your situation. You’ll be on the video speaking to me.

How it works?

Once you register you will receive an EMAIL with a link to the Spreadsheet to Book a slot.

There are a certain number of slots available each week, and a few overflow slots in case we have extra time.

You just need to add your name to the next free slot and there is a tab for each open session.

You can book slots each week if you want, there is no limit.

There is no charge at all – this is completely free of charge. 

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What Clients Are Saying

ben jakeman

"Not just an accountant, Annette and the team are like mentors and like all good mentors they filter your ideas with experience and knowledge. Wish I'd found Annette sooner. As a business owner of just over 3 years now the tools they have given me in the first 6 weeks already have changed my outlook with professional forecasting, allocations and number based decisions. Just reach out to Annette and never look back."

Ben Jakeman ‧ Director at Ulysses fitness

image of dan netting

"I've been working with Annette for a few months now, and honestly I've been blown away with the whole experience and I now finally understand what it means to have a great accountant. When I talk to people about her I call her my mini-CFO, because that what it feels like. She feels like part of my team on my journey and someone that really wants to help and see me succeed."

Dan Netting ‧ Course Building Group Coaching and 1-to-1 | Online Business Mentoring

danielle north

"An absolute whizz with the numbers! Annette's dedication and patience has supported my business to scale and freed me up to step into being CEO. Highly recommended."

Danielle North ‧ Exclusive CEO Retreats

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