We Support Entrepreneurs

We also support entrepreneurs in a less developed country with their business too.

Here are some examples of our supportive work:  

We Support Bui Van Tien

Here at Annette & Co. we support businesses in less developed countries such as Bu Van Tien.

We support Bui van Tien is a 30 year old man who lives in Moc Chau, a rural district in northwest Vietnam, with his wife and son. He and his wife make a living by running a small family farm.

His farm consists of 3000 square meters of land that he uses to produce tea, corn, and plums. He also owns 2 cows and 10 pigs.Mr. Tien’s farm is relatively small compared to others in the community. When his parents passed down land rights to him and his siblings, they had to divide up the land equally amongst their children.

Though he has a smaller farm, he works hard to make it productive, and of sufficient variety to meet different market demands.Currently, he is making an income of about  $135 a month and he is using our funding to invest in better farm equipment and fertiliser to increase his crop yield.

He will then be able to expand the size of his farm with the increase in profit.

We Support Lida Victoria Sigcho Gonzalez

Here at Annette & Co. we support businesses in less developed countries such as Lida Victoria Sigcho Gonzalez

We support Lida Victoria is married with four children, three of whom have left home and live independently. Her husband is a builder and their youngest child attends school.

Lida raises and sells chickens and guinea pigs; she has some land around her home where she raises the animals and has built a large barn and chicken coop also.

She started the business around 25 years ago with just a pair of guinea pigs. The area where she lives is well-known for guinea pigs which are a popular meat in the Andes region of Ecuador and Peru.

The income she earns has been vital for the household over the years as at times her husband has been without work. The main challenge she faces is from larger producers – when they start selling the price can fall quickly.

Lida earns a profit of almost $200 per month. She is using the funds to pay for materials and repairs to her barn and coop which is suffering from significant damage and leaks water when it rains – the damp, cold weather makes for unhealthy conditions for the guinea pigs.

We Support The Mduwa Group

Here at Annette & Co. we support businesses in less developed countries such as the Mduwa Group.

We support The Mduwa group is based in the Chipata district of Zambia and is formed of 15 members aged between 24 and 50. Some of the women in this group are married, some widowed and others single.

Many of the women have children who are in school, and some take care of orphans who they send to school by running small scale businesses like markets and grocery stalls.

Many of the Mduwa women started their businesses because they wanted to reduce poverty levels in their families. This has been very successful so far. Each group member is using our funds to expand their businesses which they hope will increase their profits.

Group member Magret is 42 years old and is married with 3 children. Two of her children are currently attending school, and Magret hopes that her youngest child will be able to attend when old enough. Magret sells cooking oil in small portions by the road side next to her house. She buys the sunflowers and takes them to a cooking oil making machine which process it into oil.

Magret will use her share of the funds to purchase more sunflowers. She also hopes to use some of the profits that this will bring to buy an oil processing machine for her business so that she can increase her profits even more. Magret started her business about six years ago which has helped her to improve her family’s wellbeing. As a woman she is happy to be financially independent.