maximise time during slow seasons

How Do I Maximise My Time During Slow Seasons of Business

As I have always said, there will always be busy and slow seasons in a business and how you make use or manage your time in those seasons can greatly affect your business growth. It is an opportune time during the slow season to take a stack of what things you can focus on, for example, creating a schedule and sticking to it.  Or you can take care of yourself so that you will have the energy required when the busy season steps in. 

When you prepare during your slower seasons, you can set yourself up for success when things start picking back up again.  Listen to Annette’s tips on how to make better use of your time.  Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Why does scheduling prevent the paralysis of perfectionism?
  • Getting automation can help make the busy times less stressful. 
  • Why is setting schedules allows us to make progress?
  • What is a good trick to have a good plan and stick to it?
  • Why is good organization a key to stay on top of those commitments?
  • What has research proven when having a positive mindset?


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Learn how to maximize your time during slow seasons of business so you can focus on the important things during the busier ones. It is no secret that every business goes through slow seasons, but what you do about it when it feels like the hard work is not paying off.

In this episode, I'm going to share with you some tips on how to manage your time during these times, so you can still focus on the important things.  My name is Annette Ferguson, I am CEO of annetteandco, a UK based accounting firm.

I am a chartered accountant certified Profit First professional and small business growth strategist. And welcome to the Financial and Lifestyle Freedom podcast. So let's dive in. 

Manage Time Efficiently and Effectively During Slow Seasons

1. Making a schedule and sticking to it.  

Number one, making a schedule and sticking to it. Time is a precious commodity, so it stands to reason that you should be careful how you spend it. Making and sticking to a schedule can help make sure that your day progresses according to plan. Scheduling casts can help prevent the paralysis of perfectionism when you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

As well as helping keep specific priorities in mind, so nothing slips through the cracks. Working smarter, not harder has never been easier, take time to make and keep to a schedule and maximize your productivity. For me, I time block. I put in all the time in my diary and I mark what I'm going to do with that time so that I am effective and efficient. 

2. Take advantage of technology.

And number two, take advantage of technology. Technology has an invaluable impact on how we manage our day to day lives. And it's practically helpful when it comes to making the most of our time. Utilizing everything from video conference calls to automatic reminders can help us turn our limited hours into a force multiplier.

 Adopting cloud storage solutions so documents can be accessed anywhere from any device can be a great way to maximize the effort of the work you put in. Automatic backups and simultaneous file sharing, reduce manual labor required and free up more time for other tasks. Getting automation set up and working in quieter times can help make the busy times less stressful. 

3. Set goals and track progress

Number three, set goals and track progress. The best way to get the most out of your time is to set goals and track progress. After setting clearly defined goals. Break them down into smaller daily tasks and put in reminders, so you don't forget anything. Once you have a plan, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the goal appears, tackle it with tenacity and determination.

Keeping an eye on your progress will also help inspire you to keep going as you begin to see the fruits of your labor. Setting goals allows us to make progress, move forward and can take control of our lives. So go ahead and set those goals and track that progress.

4. Batch create your marketing materials.

And number four, batch create your marketing materials. Maximizing time is key if we are going to be successful entrepreneurs, and one great way to do that and stay ahead of the game is by batch creating your marketing materials, blogs, videos. This enables you to drip feed content during busy periods in your business. And the trick is to have a good plan and stick to it.

So as long as you know what is going out when you can stick to a recording or creating a schedule and make sure that you plan everything in advance. And this is exactly what I do, I am currently of course in the middle of batch creating our podcast episodes.  

5. Stay organized

And number five, stay organized. Taking the time to structure your daily tasks and organize your life in a way that works for you is invaluable knowing where everything is, when everything is due and having all your thoughts written down can reduce unnecessary stress and give you more time for fun stuff or perhaps an extra hour's sleep.

Good organization is key to staying on top of those commitments. So take a deep breath and remember to plan. 

6. Stay positive

And number six, staying positive. Focusing on the positives will help you remain motivated, stay organized and utilize your time more efficiently. It can also reduce stress and decrease procrastination, two of the biggest enemies of making the most out of our day. With a positive attitude even a few hours a day can be used wisely and successfully. Plus, it is good mental hygiene.

Research has proven that those with positive mindset tackle challenges head on and report greater satisfaction in life overall. So smile and stay upbeat to make your time count, because no one ever said that running a business was easy.


In fact, it's often really tough especially when you're trying to do everything by yourself. But by taking the time to plan and prepare during your slower seasons, you can set yourself up for success when things start picking back up again. 

Thank you for so much for tuning in to the Financial and Lifestyle Freedom Podcast today and I hope you enjoyed today's episode. If you did, please do remember to subscribe in whichever podcast player you happen to be listening in. It would also mean a huge amount to me if you are able to leave us a review again, in whichever player you are listening.

Reviews means so much because they not only are they great for us to hear how you enjoy the podcast, but they do help other people find it and benefit from it, as well. So thank you so much again for listening. Until next time, we'll speak soon. 

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