My Profit First Journey

Isn’t it odd that you are running your business, you have a team that works for you and they get paid, but you as a business owner are not able to get a take home pay? That’s not the only problem, come VAT due date payments, you are scrambling to find the cash for everything.

There are a number of reasons why this happens.  It could be you are overspending or there are money leaks that you are not aware about.  In this episode you will learn why a cash management system is necessary to be infused in your business, so that you can have money for your profit, tax, owner’s pay and operating expenses.  

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • The situation of Annette's business before the Profit First book came into her life.
  • In what ways does Annette and the author Mike Michalowicz have a similarity during the first five years of their businesses?
  • What is the concept of Profit First?
  • Why was it that when Annette first implemented Profit First, she had a false start?
  • What happened to Annette’s business 18 months after picking up the book?

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About the Author

Owner of Annette & Co. - Chartered Accountants & Certified Profit First Professionals. Helping online service-based entrepreneurs find clarity in their numbers, increase wealth and have more money in their pockets.

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