Rituals of 6 and 7 Figure Business Owners

Rituals of 6 and 7 Figure Business Owners

Business owners have their personal and business life, too and when they don’t know how to properly allocate their time, most likely either the business or family gets affected.  

In this episode, Annette will show you some of her rituals that she does in order to increase her productivity and still have time for activities for her family and kids. You can adapt these rituals to create whatever success looks like for you.   

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Simple Rituals that will help you with productivity when you are at work
  • Why is exercise number one in Annette’s rituals?
  • In what ways are you able to focus when you are at work?
  • Why is having boundaries with your time beneficial for your family?
  • Getting enough sleep does help with productivity.


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