Great Tips on How to Manage Your Time in Business When Kids Started Going to School

Great Tips on How to Manage Your Time in Business When Kids Started Going to School

Summertime has already ended and you will have some weeks to prepare for school or for some, the school has already started. You may start to juggle things between your kids and your business.

Today, Annette will share with you how you can utilize this time in planning ahead of time. 

What should be done?

Start with refocusing your priorities, evaluating your strategies, and planning the rest of the year. Being strategic and having your plans in place is a great way to start

Highlights of this episode:

  • Transitioning from summer to back to school
  • The perfect time to create a strategy for your business and the family


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Oh, hello, everyone, I hope you are well today. Welcome to Business Wealth Academy live, I hope that you are having a wonderful, wonderful day. So today is the day that my kids have gone back to school. Actually, it's not that exciting because we've had a lovely summer, we'd have a really, really wonderful summer, and it's gone incredibly quickly. 

00:25 Episode topic that can be associated with back-to-school. 

But what I want to share with you is, is where, my kind of head is today. And what I recommend, if you are juggling kids and stuff in the summer, or even if you're just taking it a bit more easy in the summer is - the day they go back to school can be very tempting to you know, try and catch up on loads of things that you've not perhaps been keeping up with during the summer holidays, get your head down, get stuck in. 

00:54 When is the right time to evaluate strategies and plan for your business?

But actually today, the day your kids go back to school, and if you're not, I think, I don't think we have many people in Scotland like me. So you'll have a couple of weeks yet, that can be a great day to strategize and to plan because you've now got this sort of open road ahead of you at least until October, where you can work out what you want to achieve between now and when the kids break up again. Alternatively, if you do not have children, perhaps you're still in a little bit of a summer mode. Perhaps finding that day that you want to flick back to focus and, and kind of getting yourself scrimmed into the rest of this year. And again, setting aside time to refocus priorities, evaluate strategies and plan for the rest of the year. Because it's easy now to tumble towards October and then tumble towards the big C word, Christmas. Whereas in actual fact, being strategic, having a plan in place and understanding what you're doing in each area of your business, today is a great day to do that. Whether that be in sales, marketing, finance, client delivery, HR, whatever area, examine each of them in your business, examine your current strategy and ask yourself, "Is this going to serve me for the rest of the year?" What do I need to change?  Look at the data in your business to give you the insights into what you might want to tweak and change as we go forward for the rest of this year. 

02:44   Closing

So that is what I want you to do today, off the back of today's session.  Whilst  this live is short, that piece of work is not.  So setting aside a day probably in reality, to actually work on this stuff is going to be a great use of a day and serve you to drive you forward into the rest of the year. So thank you for joining me and tune in. I will speak to you all very soon. Take care everyone.

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