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There’s a lot of unknown, and there is also a lot of uncertainty at the moment during these times; a lot of worries as well about this pandemic situation. But is it okay still be selling at this point in time? Does it convey a horrible insensitive and things like that?

The answer is an absolute “Yes”, It is alright to be selling in your business this time, but some of the messaging might need to change, of course, we do need to be sensitive to the current position that we are all in, also, consider what they are experiencing. It is really fine to sell because selling is about providing your solution to a problem that people already have and they might urgently need as of the moment.

Welcome to Uncover Wealth Radio Episode 119. In this episode, this is my Daily Live stream at 11 AM, every Weekdays. Live at Multiple Channels at the same UK Time . We speak about the government, the banks, the legislation, the economy and all those things that are affecting UK Businesses.

Today, Annette Ferguson, who is the host of Uncover Wealth Radio and a pro in helping entrepreneurs take home more money from their business for them and their family to enjoy, is here to tell you all about money, business wealth and creating financial freedom.

In this Episode’s Points of Discussion:

  • Profile and Business Timeline of Annette
  • Selling during this time
  • Be Sensitive on the Current Situation of the Pandemic
  • Profiteering
  • Energy Healers
  • Online Settling
  • Sustainable Business
  • Self Employment
  • 80% of Trading Profit
  • Universal Credit
  • Self Employment Support
  • Profit First Way of Accounting
  • Mentoring Program
  • Implementing Profit First
  • Forecasting Profit Planning
  • Profit First Certification
  • Dave Ramsey Method “The Envelope Method”
  • Generate Spare Money
  • Separating Expenses
  • Profit First Model
  • Empowering Healers

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