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In this episode of Uncover Wealth Radio 199. We will be discussing on the topic What Business Should I Start? mentioned on Strategic Chats Episode #012. This is the Strategic Chats, our Weekly Q and A Session. A Strategic Session which I answer questions in relation to your business. You can hop on and JOIN on zoom if you have registered to ask your questions face to face or you can also tune in to the live stream which happens on every Thursday at 11:00 AM UK Time.

Today, Annette Ferguson, who is the host of Uncover Wealth Radio and a pro in helping entrepreneurs take home more money from their business for them and their family to enjoy, is here to tell you all about money, business wealth and creating financial freedom.

Points of Discussion

Running a business, building a business and scaling a business takes effort takes work.

  • Coaching Business
  • Coaching Circles and in need of coaching
  • Putting Out Great Content on Instagram
  • Building Relationship not just content and user engagement
  • Marketing Strategy on Instagram
  • Putting our your content across all social media platforms
  • What is a Coach?
  • Career Coaches
  • Apprenticeship Scheme
  • Increase of Unemployment
  • Formal Qualifications of Professions

"You pick a career that is okay; what is what do I want to do long term? What does that look like? And it's the same as running a business is the same where you actually have to look at, Okay, what do I want to do? What do I want my day to look like? How do I want that structured? What is my skill set? Or what things can I learn in order to support that and therefore, what business Am I going to choose to startup?" - Annette Ferguson

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About the Author

Owner of Annette & Co. - Chartered Accountants & Certified Profit First Professionals. Helping online service-based entrepreneurs find clarity in their numbers, increase wealth and have more money in their pockets.

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