What Is the Difference Between Registered Office, Business Address and Service Address

What Is the Difference Between Registered Office, Business Address and Service Address?

If you want to start building your own company, you must first understand the law and its regulations. One of which is having a registered office address to which all communications and notices may be addressed. It falls under Section 86 of the Companies Act of 2006.

Aside from the registered office address, you might also hear the service address and business address. Do not be confused with all of these, Annette will share her knowledge about the difference between a registered office business address and a service address.

This type of information about the company is shown on the website, letterhead, emails, and serves as a public record. Furthermore, it will help support corporate transparency and will be able to help people know where businesses are located.

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  • What is Section 86 of the Companies Act of 2006?
  • Difference between registered office, business address, and service address
  • The importance of a registered office business address
  • Can you change your registered office business address?


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00:00  What’s the difference between business address service and registered office address?

Business address, service address, and Registered Office. What's the difference between them? When should you use each one? It can be confusing. So in this episode, I sort out the confusion and explain all. I am Annette Ferguson, Chartered Accountant and Certified Profit First Professional and I run Annette & Co., a U.K. based accounting firm.

The Registered Office address is the official address of the company that is registered with Companies House. By virtue of section 86 of the Companies Act 2006, every UK business must have a UK registered address. Regardless of whether or not the business is actually conducted in the UK or at with. 

00:43  What is a Registered Office address?

The Registered Office address is the address to which government bodies primarily Companies House and HMRC may send official correspondence, including reminders and notices, and it is assumed that any correspondence sent to the Registered Office of the business is received by the company. That means that it's up to the directors to ensure that any mail that is being received to the registered address is able to be collected by them and seen by them.

The Registered Office address is shown on Companies House website and therefore is a matter of public record. This helps support corporate transparency, so that people know where businesses are located, where they can send official documents to. But on the negative side, it also provides an address which companies can and tend to receive unsolicited marketing messages to as well. T

he Registered Office address must also appear on things like company letterhead, emails and the company's website. The company name and registration number will also often be shown in these places. A company chooses its registered office address when it is first Incorporated, but can change the address at any point in time with Companies House by submitting a form.

So for a Registered Office address, people either typically choose the address that they are based. So an office address if they are renting office space or have purchased office space. People may choose their home address as well. But remember, it is on public record. So some people might not wish that to be visible on the public record. Or people might choose a virtual office address which will also handle the mailing services for them. 

02:27  What is a business address?

Next the term business address. Now this can be quite confusing, and people sometimes assume that's the same as the Registered Office, but it's not necessarily. A business address is the address which a company can receive non statutory communications from things like customers or clients, members of the public, suppliers, and those types of communications.

The business address may also be the address that you use for banking purposes. Business addresses are not a matter of public record, and therefore not shown anywhere publicly like the Registered Office addresses with Companies House. However, as it is an address that is used for non statutory communication purposes, the business address will need to be shown on the website of your business.

Some companies might also have multiple business addresses for different parts of the country, or perhaps different parts of the world. As with the Registered Office address, you can rent a business address from various providers that give that service.

02:27  What is a service address?

And now a service address, how is that different from the other two? The service address is the legal correspondence address of a company's director, shareholder or secretary. This address can be located anywhere in the world, but it must be able to receive official government communications. And this is also a matter on public record.

So many people, many directors, have their home address as this address. But it may be that you don't want that to be on public record, in which case you may wish to choose another address that you can receive mail to as your service address.

So as you can see, and as mentioned, each of these three addresses, they could be the same address and they could if you chose all be your home address. But there may be reasons why you don't want to use your home address and therefore you might look to other service providers in order to give you a address for your Registered Office, your service address and your business address.

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