​You Drop Everything and Run Plan

You Drop Everything and Run Plan

A business continuity plan is vital in every business. Creating a business continuity plan creates awareness and reduces risks for inevitable situations. A business owner must prepare this plan as it can practically help your business be prepared for different crises or emergencies, be it personal, family, community, or even globally like what happened during the onset of CoVid.

Annette will give us her insight on how she does her drop everything and run-plan based on her recent experience.

Highlights of this episode:

  • The importance of having a continuity plan
  • How to put everything in place


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The reason why Annette wants to discuss the ‘Drop Everything and Run Plan’

So today, I want to speak about penning together your 'drop everything and run plan'. And the reason I want to speak about this is, is, it's quite personal to me, because some of you may or may not know, my father has advanced dementia, he has advanced Parkinson's, and he also has leukemia. And what that means in reality is that he is very prone to infection. And unfortunately, with every infection he gets, he gets worse. And we never know if the next infection will in fact, be his last. So what has become abundantly clear to me in, highlighted in the last week, but, but actually, it's been clearer and clearer over the last six months really, is that I need to have a 'drop everything in one plan'.

That means I need to have a way of being able to, at the very last minute, potentially cancel everything in my diary, and, and obviously go and attend to my family. So I have started actually thinking about what does that plan actually look like? Because at the moment, it looks like me chucking something in the Slack channel, and just saying to everybody, I'm not going to be around today. But actually, I need a better plan, that’s because that works, as long as, as long as he, you know, let's be honest, has, you know still lives.

In the, in the event that something happens and I move into a grieving process, then actually, I'm not going to be able to come back the next day and pick up from where I left off. And I'm not going to be able to do certain things. And I'm not going to want to do certain things, I'm not going to want to go in and turn my ‘out-of-office’ on and block out my calendar so people can't schedule calls.

So I need a plan in place. So that when I send one person or two people in my team and message, everything happens that needs to happen, so that I can go and deal with what I need to deal with. And so that includes things like canceling all my calls for that day, and potentially for the next few days, moving them to other team members or canceling them completely where I, where I can.  

It includes setting my out of office on, it includes blocking off my calendar, so no new people can book calls into my diary. It includes all those types of things that need to happen in that situation. But I am not going to be the one that wants to go in and do that.  It may include changes in our social media plan, it might include scheduling stuff for us that I might usually do.

So the tasks that I do to keep the business going, who's going to do that when I'm in a time of grief and potentially in a time of mourning. And it was brought home to me that this needs to happen really on Friday, this week. My dad took another turn and went downhill again. And we weren't sure over the weekend, if he would pull through over the weekend, we were told by the doctors, there was a chance that he wouldn't. And so I've really been thinking about this, this week, and what do I need to put in place so that I can drop and run now.

What are some scenarios that will need you to do a  ‘Drop Everything and Run Plan’?

For you in your business, it might not be as extreme as that. Your  drop and run plan might not be as extreme as somebody passing away, but it might be that your kids school calls and says that your child is ill and you need to suddenly go and pick them up. Then what do you do and maybe you have a few iterations of a drop and run plan.

 One is that you're able to do things when the thing happens and one is in the event of, you know, a big emergency where you actually won't be able to access things, do things, schedule things, rearrange things, you won't want to speak to anyone really to deal with what you need to deal with because you're dealing with the fallout of something else. And I think that even if you don't have you know, elderly ill parents or small children, this is still quite an important thing because anything can happen in our lives that suddenly we need to drop and run.

And so if we can prep our business as much as possible, you know, we'll not think of everything, I'm sure, but if we can prep our business as much as possible, so that things still happen, if you are completely not contactable.  You know, in the event of something horrendous happening, you don't want somebody in your business calling to ask how to log in to something. It needs to be able to be done straight away. Now, the interesting thing is that, this is a little bit of a sort of extrapolation of what happens in corporate, particularly if you work on a, on a trading floor.

So in the city, in London, they have trading businesses, basically have a continuity plan, so that what happens, and this actually may have changed with COVID. But pre COVID, they had a, you know, what happens if something happens to the building, what happens if something happens, you know, in the media, and we cannot go into where we would usually work.  

They had an offsite office that they paid for all year round to have access to with backup copies of their servers and computer systems, so that in the event of something major happening to their office or their company, they could go to this offsite location. It's not that dissimilar, really, what I'm describing is just for us on a personal level as business owners, so that our businesses can continue, that things don't fall over, that our customers are still served, that our prospects are still dealt with.

And, and so that our own mental health can be preserved at times when it may be more fragile, and harder to deal with things. And that's what I'm talking about, really. So that is, it's a topic that I've not actually spoken about before and I think that, I think it's really important one, to help us protect ourselves and protect our businesses and protect our clients. So I am planning that out just now and I urge you to do the same in your life and in your business.


Thanks for joining me today. I probably should put a trigger warning on this because yeah, it might be, might be quite difficult for people to hear the situation that I'm in if they are in similar situations or have experienced similar things. So apologies for that, if I have upset anyone over this.  I am as always trying to put a practical hat on the situation that I'm in, as well, so that I can come out of it stronger, too. So thanks for tuning in. And I'll speak to you soon.  

Thank you so much for tuning in today. I hope you got lots of value from this episode. Now if you're struggling with any accounting things for your business, I'd love to help. Make sure you reach out to me at podcast at annette and co dot co dot uk, that's podcast@annetteandco.co.uk  and let me know how I can help. Of course, remember to subscribe to this podcast as well. Thanks again.

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