When Profit First Does Not Work

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Profit First is a revolutionary cash management system that when implemented will result in a healthy and more profitable business. It is recommended for all, but there are some instances that Profit First will not work and Annette Ferguson, in this pilot episode of the Financial and Lifestyle Freedom podcast, has the answer to that.

Annette Ferguson is the CEO of Annette & Co., also a Chartered Accountant, Certified Profit First Professional and a Financial Strategist. She will help you understand your business finances and  help you take home more money from your business.

Listen to this podcast and learn how you can reap the financial rewards of your business. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • What is Profit First?
  • Some instances where Profit First will not work for some businesses.


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Annette Ferguson 

Owner of Annette & Co. - Chartered Accountants & Certified Profit First Professionals. Helping online service-based entrepreneurs find clarity in their numbers, increase wealth and have more money in their pockets.