Bringing Back Ethics in Your Business with Tammy Johnston

Bringing Back Ethics in Your Business with Tammy Johnston

Remaining true to good business ethics seems to be a struggle for some people who like to get ahead by duping other people. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable, it is completely acceptable to show yourself as a human. We all have our mess in some way or the other and admitting to such flaws makes people resonate with you and with that, will be attracted to you more than being a fraud. 

In today’s episode, Annette will talk to one kick ass lady, Tammy Johnston, the lady behind KSA Business (which by the way, the acronym stands for Kick Some Ass) on the topic of good business ethics. She is a speaker, educator, an author and her passion is helping better entrepreneurs to build a better world. 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • Thoughts on irritating unsolicited and cold calling DMs.
  • Some dishonest business practices that are happening online that go against good business ethics.
  • The importance of being honest about how you promote your business.
  • How do business owners put back the right ethics in the business?

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