UWR 043 Are you remembering (or forgetting) the basics

I speak to high six and seven-figure business owners who are employing fancy tactics and forgetting the timeless basics that are needed in any online business. So I wanted to do a recap here to make sure that you are not forgetting the basic things that are a part of running a successful online business. Number one, remember to email your list frequently, delivering pure value, and not just during launches or when you have something you are selling. There is no better way to turn off your list and increase your unsubscribes then to always be launching and selling to them rather than providing them pure value.

Number two, keep your list clean. Make sure you are doing list cleanups, merging duplicates and the like. Otherwise you really cannot get a true picture of your list growth. Number three, always be building your audience and your list regardless of its current size. If you are not growing your audience all the time, then your prospects will be shrinking, because of unsubscribes or unfollows, or because people are moving to buyers and so there are less prospects in that pool.

Number four, manage your team. I mean actually managing them, being a leader. Not just chucking task lists at them, but being their coach and their mentor. You need to make sure that your team is being fully managed if you want to truly step into that CEO role. It will also help them perform for you and love working with you. Number five, make plans and stick to them. Evaluate their effectiveness to find out what you should do more of or should stop, but make plans and stick to them. Do not strategy hop and tactic hop the whole time. The data does not lie. See what the data is telling you about what’s worked and what hasn’t and tweak accordingly, but do not flip flop. Number six, profit. Make sure your business spending is as lean as it can be for this stage of business and your goals. Episode six of Uncover Wealth Radio goes into this a bit more if you are not sure how to do that, but make sure that all your programmes are profitable. Don’t run things that are unprofitable or that you hate.

And number seven, your vision. Your business should be supporting the vision you have for your life. I spoke to a client today and halfway through our call they said to me, “This was not the vision I had for my business. I didn’t want my business to look anything like this,” and they were not happy with how their business was. It wasn’t like they’d moved to a better place, they’d moved to a worse place and they were pining for their vision. So we needed to work out a plan of how on earth they can get back to the business that they actually wanted to run. If your business is not supporting the vision you have for your life, something is wrong and needs to be reassessed and changed. Perhaps you need to make a pivot now before you start resenting your business.

I hope that this episode has given you a bit of a memory jog around the basics. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth, and get more money in your pockets.


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