Why is Bartering Bad?

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Bartering has been around since 6000 BC. It was introduced by Mesopotamian tribes and adopted by the Phoenicians. 

Bartering is based on a simple concept: Two individuals negotiate to determine the relative value of their goods and services and offer them to one another in an even exchange. It is the oldest form of commerce, dating back to a time before hard currency even existed.

The question is, is it still relevant today? As a business owner, are you still be able to make a profit through bartering? For me, the answer is NO. In this episode, I will explain why bartering doesn't make sense in the current economic climate. Regardless of the size of your business or industry, cash is "KING", and cash is the most important element of your business' cash flow.

Enjoy listening! 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • The meaning of bartering.
  • The reasons why bartering is ineffective for business owners.
  • Bartering vs Cash

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