Overcoming Traumas That Manifest as Business Flaws with Tatiana Vilarea

Overcoming Traumas That Manifest as Business Flaws with Tatiana Vilarea

We would generally think trauma is a result of a traumatic experience, e.g. being abused, or witnessing a fatal car accident. But trauma, according to Tatiana Vilarea, a hypnotherapy specialist, is an experience in the body and what is happening in our  neurological pathways.  

Annette spoke with Tatiana Vilarea, who provided interesting insight into her own inner conflicts and mental blocks from the genetic imprint of trauma in her life. She was literally her own first client. We all have that impostor syndrome, patterns of comparisons or fear of rejection at some points in our life and we need to take action for healing as a part of our business strategy in order to succeed.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • The two groups of entrepreneurs and the problems that go with each in relation to handling the business.
  • What is really trauma and what causes it?
  • How do we identify if we have trauma that is impacting us in our business?
  • What kind of work does Tatiana do to help people with trauma?
  • Why does therapy sometimes take years and years before the trauma can be healed?Where do people start when they notice the symptoms of emotional wounds and the trauma?
  • How does transgenerational trauma actually happen? 

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