The Gender Pay Gap and What Women Can Do About It with Emma Clayton

The Gender Pay Gap and What Women Can Do About It with Emma Clayton

There is still a big percentage of women trapped in the patriarchal system and money blocks. So they tend to put in more work and more hours than men have to for the same results. They play themselves small and fearful of what others may say. 

In this conversation of Annette with Emma Clayton, they talked about the entrepreneurial gender pay gap and the narratives that women tell themselves. Emma is a business strategist and she helps self-employed women create their own wildly successful businesses and pricing themselves up according to the value that they put out.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • Why is there a 43% entrepreneurial gender pay gap?
  • The difference between the gender pay gap and equal pay.
  • How should women position themselves in the market and up their prices? 
  • The money blocks and narratives that women are telling themselves
  • What kind of fears do women have around pricing and having a business?
  • Why do women need to push back on the patriarchal system, and find a support system that will lift them up? 

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