Profit First for Freelancers: How to Make Your Business More Profitable

Profit First for Freelancers

Profit First for Freelancers: How to Make Your Business More Profitable

As a freelancer, you're not just your own boss; you're also your own finance manager. By leveraging the Profit First approach, you can ensure that your business stays profitable. This simple yet transformative method makes profitability a priority, not an afterthought. Let's delve into how you can apply Profit First principles to your freelance business.

1. Understand the Profit First Philosophy

Contrary to the traditional formula of Sales - Expenses = Profit, Profit First recommends

Sales - Profit = Expenses. 

By taking profit first, you prioritise your business's financial health and create a more sustainable operation.

2. Set Up Your Bank Accounts

To implement Profit First, you'll need at least four bank accounts: Income, Profit, Owner's Pay, and Operating Expenses. Whenever you receive payment, divide the income into these accounts based on predetermined percentages.

3. Determine Your Allocation Percentages

Allocation percentages are pivotal to the Profit First system. They dictate how your income is divided. As a freelancer, your business's needs may differ from a typical company. An effective approach could be: 5% Profit, 50% Owner's Pay, 15% Tax, and 30% Operating Expenses. Feel free to adjust these percentages to suit your circumstances.

4. Regularly Review and Adjust

Every quarter, review your financials. Are your allocations working? Are you able to cover your expenses and pay yourself? If not, adjust the percentages. Profit First is flexible and can be adapted to your business's needs.

Remember, Profit First is not just about boosting profits; it's about fostering a healthier approach to your finances. By putting your profit first, you can build a sustainable and successful freelance business. 

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