Get Organized in Just 2 Steps with Abigail Langridge

Get Organized in Just 2 Steps with Abigail Langridge

When we are doubling up as business owners and as family person, we sometimes forget to think about our own well-being. It takes a toll on our mental and physical health and instead of being productive, we tend to create an imbalance in our professional and personal lives. What if we can outsource and get the support from a PA to do some personal stuff for us, such as organizing events, planning birthdays and anniversaries to sourcing out gifts?  That would be really nice, isn’t it? 

In this episode, Annette had a wonderful conversation with Abigail Langridge,  known as the online Mary Poppins, where she helps career women outsource their personal lives so they can focus on themselves, their family & career.  This is a must-listen episode.   

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • The importance of time blocking and giving time for yourself
  • Instead of having a "To Do List", why not have a "You List"? (...Put yourself first.)
  • What are the things that you can do to deal with overwhelm?
  • How do you establish boundaries when you return home from work and allow other family members to take on some minor responsibilities?
  • What does Abigail do in her role as an online Poppins PAs, supporting people in their private and professional lives?

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