How to Incorporate Fitness in Your Busy Schedule with Alix Hubble

How to Incorporate Fitness in Your Busy Schedule with Alix Hubble

More often than not, when we are faced with so many good things that you think you’ve got to do, you end up not doing it all.  This attitude encapsulates what most of us feel when thinking about fitness and nutrition, especially when we are busy in business and our family life.  

You will learn how to embark on a fitness and good one step at a time that can bring you amazing results. Hear it straight from Fitness Coach Alix Hubble, the Holistic Core Restore® Coach of the year for 2020, as she and Annette discuss how to incorporate fitness in our busy schedules. 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show… 

  • When you are in business and have a family, how can you incorporate fitness into your day?
  • The time factor in getting yourself fit, though short, can still get amazing results.
  • What does fitness have to do with running a business and productivity?
  • Tips on how to eat well when you're rushing around in your busy life

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