UWR 050 3 quick tips to price your online course

Welcome to Uncover Wealth radio episode 50. 

I am Annette Ferguson, CEO of Annette and Co. And I help online service-based entrepreneurs find the clarity in their numbers, increase their wealth, and have more money in their pockets. So let’s dive in. Hey money makers, and today I want to share with you three quick tips in how to price your online course. So first off, when you have designed your course, you may not have recorded it yet or anything like that, but once you’ve designed it, think about where you want this to sit within your product offering.

Is this the type of thing that you want to be offering as a trip wire, or is it kind of seven pound product, or is this your signature course? Where does it sit in your product ecosystem, in your product services, and how does that position within those? Then secondly, I want you to think, where does this sit in the market? Are you going to be the Walmart or the Tiffany’s? Are you at the, get them in, sell a tonne, and get hundreds and thousands of people on your course or programme, or are you that you want it to be quite exclusive, and you don’t need tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of people?

Where does it sit in the marketplace, as a whole? And then third, quantifying what the results are that you are offering, whether it might be love, money, time, happiness, or health, whatever that looks like. What are they getting from your course that if they didn’t take your course, they might have to spend money, for example, somewhere else. Let’s say that your coach is on how to avoid a divorce, and a divorce costs 20 grand, then they’re buying your course instead of having to pay 20 grand for divorce. So quantify what it is that they’re actually getting as well. So these can be really important things to work out and think about when you are trying to price your online course. Now, if you enjoyed this video, I would like if you want to like, share, subscribe, all those good things, would be totally, totally awesome.


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