UWR 051 Are you making enough time for strategy?

Welcome to Uncover Wealth Radio episode 51. I am Annette Ferguson, CEO of Annette & Co., and I help online service-based entrepreneurs find the clarity in their numbers, increase their wealth, and have more money in their pockets. 

So let’s dive in.

Hey everyone, I have a quick question for you today. 

Are you getting enough time to do the strategic work in your business, or are you getting pulled back in the weeds way, way too often? 

Something to ponder on and think about, if you are getting pulled back into the weeds way too often, why is that? Is it because you don’t have the people plan piece worked out? Is it because your team don’t feel enabled to make decisions on their own and therefore you are making their decisions for them? They’re coming to you for that. Do you get that strategic thinking time? If you don’t then I highly, highly recommend working out what the reason behind it is, and therefore engineering your day and your week so you can spend time on the strategy because you are the CEO and that is your role, the strategic part of the business.

Therefore, make sure that you’re spending enough time each week with clarity of thought, and with thinking time so that you can strategize to move the business to where you want it to be.

Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth, and get more money.


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Annette Ferguson 

Owner of Annette & Co. - Chartered Accountants & Certified Profit First Professionals. Helping online service-based entrepreneurs find clarity in their numbers, increase wealth and have more money in their pockets.