UWR 017 Giving up v Burning out v MASSIVE creation

Most people live in a perpetual state of giving up and mediocrity, or a state of busy-ness and burnout. There is a third option open to you, which is productivity, creativity, and result creation. This is the option that generates a life of contribution and satisfaction, a life that we can be happy about and proud of. When we choose getting up and mediocrity, we choose starts and stops, lots of excuses, great intentions, then life happens and there’s a reason why it can’t work. I was too tired. I was exhausted. I needed a break. It was too stressful or too hard or too complicated. I just need to slow down. I need to take care of myself. When you think like that, when you’re in that state, we are always talking about change, but let’s be honest, it rarely happens.

What’s new? Nothing much. Given up before, during, and never getting to the after, and having a very low tolerance for any discomfort. Then there’s the other type of person who works busily to the point of crazy and doesn’t produce high level work because their thinking is so negative, fear and scarcity based. You can tell this person by how many hours they work and how they can’t pay attention when you’re talking to them at dinner time. They only talk about work. They’re always rushing and stressed and overly concerned about everything that has to do with work. They miss a lot of important things including sleep because of work. And it’s not the actual amount of work that characterises this person, but rather the thoughts and the stress it provokes and ultimately, burnout. This person uses work as a way of not feeling. They have the sense that if they could just get caught up or just make enough money, the stress would be relieved.

But this never happens, because the stress is coming from their brain, not the actual work. Not the business and not the money. There’s also a high rate of these people eating or drinking or taking in some other indulgence when they’re in this state as well. I have been both of these people. I have spent time in both of these states and you know what? They don’t work. So what is the answer? The answer is to be deliberate in the goals that we set and mindful in the way that we think, feel, and act towards them. Having a reason for doing what we’re doing and doing it from a place of abundance. There’s plenty of time and nothing is an emergency. Because remember that our thoughts become our feelings, become our actions, become our results, and repeat. The cycle goes around and around and around. If we are in a place of panic and stress, we are not looking after ourselves.

We have negative thoughts, which lead to not so great decisions, actions, and results. Whereas if we’re coming from a positive place of goal setting and achievement, you can see how that cycle ends ever so differently. So, I have a few questions today for you to ponder on. Firstly, do you identify with one of these three approaches to your goals and dreams? And if you do, which one? Two, think about a time when you quit on a dream and made an excuse. What was the excuse and what is the truth from your perspective now? Three, think about a time when you burnt yourself out. What were you thinking that caused you to do that? Because remember, it’s our thoughts become our actions and results. Thoughts, feelings, actions, results. Number four, when in your life have you been most productive, and why was that? Do you remember what you were thinking and feeling?

And number five, what can you do to stay out of the drama and quit burnout? So I hope that this episode has been useful today in giving you some things to ponder over. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and get more money in your pocket.


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