UWR 032 What to do when you are fully booked

In today’s episode, I’m speaking about what to do when you are fully booked, so let’s dive in. Well, if you find that your diary is rammed full of appointments with clients, then the first thing to ask yourself is, is it time to raise your prices?

Do you need to have a look and see if your prices are in alignment with the value? Do you need to revisit that? This is something that I highly recommend you look at pretty much every quarter in your business to see if your prices and value are aligned and whether or not you need to raise your prices in order to progress your business forward.

The second thing that you need to think about when you are fully booked is your people plan. Do you have the right people to support you in delivery to your clients? What does that look like? Can you take someone else on board in your business to help with the delivery side, so that you can open up more slots between the two of you to bring on more clients and increase your business that way?

Number three, examine your schedule. Are you really fully booked, or have you got periods of time where you’re kind of hanging around between client meetings, you’re hanging around between appointments and you’re not using your time as efficiently as you perhaps could be in your business?

The fourth thing to think about is setting up a waiting list. So if you really are truly booked, if your prices really are reflective of your value, if you really have that people plan dialled in and it’s where it needs to be and if you’ve examined your schedule and you really don’t have any more time in the day to be dedicating to client work, then you need to set up a waiting list so that when clients drop off, which naturally happens with churn and attrition, then you have people waiting in the wings who want to be working with you. You can get that waiting list in place. You can even potentially take a holding deposit from people on your waiting list, so that you have them ready to come in as soon as an open slot exists.

And the fifth thing to do when you are fully booked, if all of these are in place, if you’ve got all of those previous four things working, raising your prices so they’re in alignment fully with the value you give, looking at your people plan and bringing on people to support you in terms of client delivery, examining your schedule to make sure you are really truly booked and then setting up a waiting list, and if that waiting list gets perhaps a little bit longer, then you might want to think about referring to other people in your space and earning a commission, so referring the leads and potential clients that you have that you’re receiving in to other people that you know, like, and trust in your industry so that that individual can be supported in their way that they need to for the service that they need.

So, I hope this episode has been useful for thinking about what you might want to do when you are fully booked. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and get more money in your pockets.


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