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In today’s episode, I’m speaking about moving from a spend mindset to a save mindset. So let’s dive in.
If you’re overspending on your business, and by the way you are overspending, if you always have very little or no profit each month, if you are taking home very little, or if you feel like every penny your business makes seems to go back out the doors straight away. So if you are an over spender in your business, you will always be an over spender until you can move to a place where you love saving more than you love spending.
If you can get to the place where you are excited about seeing money build up in your tax account to pay the tax man, if you can get to a place where you are excited about seeing the balance on your debts go down every month, if you can get to a place where you’re excited about being able to take home more money for your family to enjoy, rather than being excited about the stuff you are buying or the courses that are sitting on your digital bookshelf that you have never used. I can assure you that sleeping soundly knowing your tax money is building up and you are not going to have a panic come tax time is a much nicer place than owning a new iPad.
It takes a mindset shift. It takes asking yourself if our old money stories that we have carried around for most of our lives, are outdated and are they still serving us? It takes breaking a habit that when cash comes in, and it feels like it’s burning a hole in your proverbial pocket and that it needs to be spent, that you take a deep breath. And that can be both business and personal. It takes focus. It takes being clear on strategy. But once you’ve figured it out, once you have set aside that time to develop positive habits around cash management, and hint, if you’ve not read Profit First and that is a great starting point, you can get the core chapters by heading over to AnnetteandCo.co.UK/PFbook and downloading them there for free. 

If you do not have those positive habits that you are starting to build around money, then it’s going to be really hard to start moving to a place where there’s more. So set aside some time to work on this because wishing on change will not change anything. It needs positive action. I hope that this episode has been useful for thinking about moving from a spend mindset to a save mindset. Episodes 22 and 26 of Uncover Wealth Radio will also be really helpful for you here to have a wee listen to you as well. 

Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth, and get more money in your pockets.


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