UWR 045 When purpose takes over from passion

When you start your business, you don’t know what you don’t know. There is pure excitement and joy and a newness of everything that keeps that fire inside you burning. You have this vision of what you’re driving towards. Then you get into the business and you get into the grind and you start accomplishing your goals. That excitement can start to wane and you’re achieving many of those initial dreams and you’re running a well established company and it can feel heavy.

You are now feeling like you just need to stay the course or long enough to get to your all ultimate goals and that can be challenging because that excitement can now fade away. You are in the reality of doing it. You’re feeling the pain and heaviness and the responsibility of the day-to-day and yes, you see progress each and every day with you and your team. But you no longer have that pure excitement you once had when closing a client or doing a launch. You almost become accustomed to these things happening in your business, being a victim almost of your own success. And a lot of the time we can lose that energetic spark in our own business. When this happens, you develop the skillset to be successful in business, but sometimes you lose the excitement, your results start to suffer.

You start to plateau your revenue or worse, it starts dipping. And now your results might not be as good as they once were or they may even be lower than the level of some newer people in your industry and that hurts. It happens because the spark has dimmed a little and you’re not as energetically high as you were when you started. When you started your business there’s often a really strong emotional reason as to why you started. Leaving corporate, getting divorced, having a baby, wanting to stay at home. All of these things, whatever they were, have now passed and that emotion around that doesn’t exist any more. What happens is that the things that were driving you in an urgent manner when you started, no longer apply as time goes by and you mark things off your list.

If you don’t set new emotionally compelling goals and a new compelling why, a lot of your motivation is going to disappear. It’s really important that you pause and reset your goals and where you are going with your business and you give yourself permission to no longer want the same things than you wanted when you started up. To no longer desire the things that you’ve outgrown and choose a new direction, which fits better the person you’ve become in the process of building a business. Allow yourself to truly grow as a person by embracing a direction with your business that is so unique to you, that it is right in every single way. At the beginning, business growth is the most important thing, since your business needs to get to a certain level just to survive and we are driven by that.

Bigger is better when you’re starting out, it gives you a safety net. But as you become established, bigger is not necessarily better. Then it’s about the business model and what you want from the business. Do you want a massive business or a boutique brand? These things need to be reflected upon because the vast majority of things that you will see and content you’ll be exposed to will all be around the bigger is better, grow, grow, grow. But you need to decide for yourself now that your business has reached a certain level, do you still feel that’s the case? Is that the kind of business that lets you achieve the vision you have for your life?

So I hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode  Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and get more money in your pockets.


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