UWR 046 Afraid of giving your team REAL responsibility?

In today’s episode, I’m speaking about giving your team real responsibility. Are you scared? So, let’s dive in. I was. I was really scared to give my team full responsibility, hold them completely accountable. I wanted to keep my hands on the reins, but I also knew that was not going to get my business to the next level. I needed to step up and be a true leader. You see, as our businesses grow, we need to have checks in place. We need to understand the data. We need to hold our team to the matrix and target set for them to achieve, but we also need to give them the responsibility to be held accountable to those matrix and targets. Otherwise, we end up taking on those ourselves and ultimately burning out. If we don’t pass the responsibility to our team, we end up frustrated with them, feeling like we’d be better off firing everyone and just doing it all ourselves.

But with handing that responsibility comes a task and responsibility on us to actually lead them to really become the leader in our business, and that can be scary and that is not easy, but it is necessary to move into the next phase of business. We need to empower our team and to do that, we need to make sure that we train them, coach them, mentor them for success. When we do that, we can give them responsibility and we can give them accountability. So, the question then becomes what do you need to do to step up and really become a true leader? It’s important to understand that your business can only succeed to the degree that you grow, both personally and professionally. So, growth into a leader is needed if you have a team. It is non-negotiable. Otherwise, you’ll always have the feeling of wanting to sack them all and take it all on yourself again.

Your job is to systemize, create processes, engineer simplicity throughout the entire business so your team can thrive. In doing that, you’re allowing someone else to step in in all areas to learn appropriately and execute at least part of, or even all of, your entire systems. You should then have team members who are fanatical about precision and excellence, and you have the ability to create that culture too. It is also in your gift. Without effective leadership, your business will die. It might be a slow, painful death or a quick one, but either way, it will die. You need to lead. If you don’t start systemizing everything from sales to delivery, it makes it very hard to effectively manage a great team and causes a huge amount of stress. You must become a visionary leader and the person that sets up the roadmap so you and your team can be excited.

You must develop a vision for which your staff will want to invest and get excited about helping you to grow your company and your dream. In turn, this vision will help them achieve their goals and the things that matter in their lives and careers. So, when you’re changing to this podcast episode, perhaps moving into becoming a visionary leader was not top of your to do list, but it should be. That is how to create a winning team. That is how you set up and move to the next level in your business. That is how you have fully responsible and accountable team members.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and it’s given you some things to think about in relation to your team and the things you might need to change to move them into full responsibility. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time. Let’s find the clarity in your numbers, increase your wealth and get more money in your pockets.


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